Fowler Tool-A-Thon | 2018 Deals Released

Fowler High Precision has released its first edition of the 2018 Tool-A-Thon catalog. The catalog features hundreds of discounts and deals on new and popular metrology products! Each Tool-A-Thon catalog includes small hand tools, micrometers, calipers and even some high-end metrology instruments.



With over 50 new items, this year’s Tool-a-Thon is more inclusive than ever before!  Discounts and deals are valid  from January 1st, 2018 to April 30th, 2018.

Does something peak your interest? Request a quote today and we’ll get you set up with your own accredited and calibrated Fowler metrology products!


Holiday Message from the CEO | 2017

TIS THE SEASON for me to both reflect and anticipate. That’s what we do as the year comes to an end. We think about what was and what will be. There are no hard and fast rules in holiday reflection. The end of one year and the start of another, along with the holiday time off and gatherings, seems to naturally inspire us to reflect.

Grand Rapids Metrology had a very good 2017. We grew the business at an astounding rate compared to our peers. We made some tremendous new staff additions. We also made some major team changes through attrition which have offered us opportunities to add targeted staffing additions more suited to our mission and values. We increased the scope of products and services we provided to our customers which allowed us to work with customers we previously had not served.

First and foremost, we thank our employees who are the finest group of measurement professionals ever found at one company. They work hard and long and strive to be better each day. They understand and live our values at home and at work.

Also, we thank our vendors who support us with products, training and research. Our main suppliers have been with us for multi-decades and several generations. That is a tribute to them and to us.

Finally, we thank our customers, without whom, everything is irrelevant. We thank them for their loyalty, appreciation and their receptiveness to our ideas and solutions.

We dedicated much of 2017 to the exploration and reinforcement of our corporate values. We know adherence to our values makes us better. They define what we want to be, how we want to act and how we want to be perceived. So, I’d be remiss if, in reflecting on 2017, I did not cover the issue of sexual harassment and, more importantly, opportunities in the workplace.

At GRM, we were somewhat ahead of the curve on this issue. We had discussions at all our locations in August and September, before the Weinstein and numerous other allegations came to light. I think fathers of daughters (like me) are more cognizant of this issue. As men, I think we all have witnessed discrimination and harassment. We either turned the other way, considered it done in humor, decided it was not our business, participated in covering it up or diminished it to avoid conflict. I have seen it. I challenge any man reading this to deny that he has witnessed it as well. I am happy and relieved that it is now out in the open. It’s one of the gifts 2017 has given us.

Power and the misuse thereof by bad, immoral people is the culprit. Power granted by money, title, influence, size or strength in the hands of a bad person leads to oppression of those with less power.

Everything we do requires a thought process. For instance, when pulling up to a stop sign, we go through the mental process of recognizing the risk of not stopping at the sign. If we did not do this, chaos and harm would reign.

What I can’t figure out is how the thought process of someone who is about to commit sexual harassment. When they have a button installed under their desk to lock their door from the inside — when does that sound like a good idea? When they make a sexually provocative statement to an employee or sends a sexually suggestive gift — what are their thoughts? When they demand sexual favors to advance a someone’s career — how can they possibly believe it is a good thing for either of them long term? When they send sexual pictures of themselves to a co-worker — really? Is there a thought process even involved? Do these people have an inability to evaluate consequences?

Throughout history, my beloved legal profession has done so much to keep the issue of sexual harassment hidden. Accusations were handled “quietly” and payoffs were made which required all parties to be “silent” in the accusations, the truth thereof and the amount paid. How does that solve a systemic problem in our society? How does that create accountability for one’s actions and words? Serial harassers have left a parade of victims who were paid off for their silence while the career of the perpetrators thrived.

So, thank you 2017! The allegations of Weinstein and many other harassers freed accusers to come forward. For reasons difficult to explain, we have turned a corner on this issue. Sexual harassment and discrimination are finally acceptable dinner topics. Society has decided that fear of power will no longer keep victims in the shadows.

2018 should mark a new beginning for fairness in the workplace!

I do have a fear. The weaponization of accusations scares me tremendously. False charges are made constantly, particularly (go figure) in the political arena. 2018 is an election year. I hope my fears are unfounded. Every accused has to have some form of due process. Let’s never forget this.

In 2018, at GRM, we will continue to focus on our values and mission.  We will continue to hire and promote based on values. We will continue our dialogue of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

I will personally go one step further. Last month, I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Women’s Resource Center in Grand Rapids. I will work tirelessly to see that every person, regardless of their sex, race, religion, ethnic background, sexual preference, etc., has opportunities to thrive and succeed as I have had throughout my life.

To all of you individually, if you see or hear something that does not look or sound right, report it. If you see or hear it, stop it. If it happens in your home or in the store, intervene. If good people stand by and allow evil to occur, evil will win the day as it did for decades in the treatment of women in the workplace. Don’t allow evil to be present where you live or work.

Marisa and I wish all of you the happiest and safest holiday seasons. We wish good health and prosperity to all the GRM families, customers and vendors. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks for all you do for Grand Rapids Metrology!


Richard Spruit

[New Service] We’re Optimizing Your Operations

You’re doing it wrong.

No one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong, but sometimes it’s true.

We’ve been around for awhile, so we’ve seen a few slow, costly and inefficient weighing processes. Don’t get us wrong — they might get the job done for now, but don’t you want to more than slow, inefficient or costly?  We’ve witnessed the wasted time, resources and manpower, but no more.

We want to tell you you’re doing it wrong — but we also want to fix it. Let us explain.

First of all, “it” could be a number of things. A manually operated processinaccurate temperature grade, a hand-written labellack of accuracy along the supply chain – the list goes on.

Grand Rapids Metrology is rolling out a new service aimed to fix all your “it.” This is our Process Improvement Service and it acts like any other consulting service! GRM will study your current weighing processes while searching out inaccurate and inefficient methods. We’ll then suggest improvements aimed at optimization to create the most effective use of your resources.

We have an entire division dedicated to problem solving. So when we study your operations, we’ll design solutions that will increased efficiency, accuracy and traceability. Quality will undoubtedly improve.

With almost a century of measurement experience, a knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians, and applications in a variety industries, we’re considered experts at crafting weighing solutions.

The math is simple!

When you invest in a Process Improvement Service, our experts will:

  • Study and evaluate current operations
  • Discuss recommendations for improving current operations
  • Provide a quote with pricing and requirements to complete the proposed solution

Our team is able to establish simple, easy-to-use solutions for your complex measurement application. Our applications are proven to:

  • Promote Efficiency
  • Free Up Manpower
  • Reduce Cost
  • Shrink Lead-Times
  • Increase Quality

We hate to tell you you’re doing “it” wrong, but we’d also love to find a cure for your slow, costly and inefficient processes. We’re happy to talk to you about GRM’s Process Improvement Service and how it can benefit your business. Give us a call at (800) 348-5701 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

Introducing Minebea Intec: New Products, Solutions & Savings

Grand Rapids Metrology is now a distributor for Minebea Intec, formerly a division of Sartoruis. In this video, we’ll discuss two new products now offered through this partnership and how they can potentially save you millions of dollars.

For more information, contact our experts. To purchase Minebea products or incorporate a weighing solution into your operation, quickly and easily request a quote today!

Food Safety Modernization Act | How To Comply

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, commonly known as FSMA, is the most comprehensive reform in food safety law in over 70 years. The act seeks to increase the safety of U.S. food supply by switching the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it. The ultimate goal is to minimize illness and death caused by unsafe food. Here is how FSMA has been effecting food and packing safety in the industry since its implementation:

This act requires compliance throughout the food industry. For companies with greater than 500 employees, the registration date to comply with the first FSMA rule, Preventive Controls – was September 19, 2016. However, for companies with fewer than 500 employees, September 18, 2017 was this year’s deadline. Read more for an in-depth look all the actions implemented by FSMA.

The major components of FSMA are enhanced partnership, prevention, inspection compliance response, and import safety.

With a concentration on preventing contamination, a strong emphasis is placed on the data, traceability, and cleanliness of the production process. The experts at Avery Weigh-Tronix put it simply, “This risk-based preventive approach to food safety relies on data and expertise to pinpoint potential food safety issues along the production, distribution and supply chain.”

To abide to FSMA, FDA suggests organizations implement a “thorough system for documenting internal process and record keeping.” Doing so would prove legal standards are being met.

Data and documentation are a key element of any weighing process and there are many points throughout food production that require weight to be taken. Scales that provide traceability of products and ingredients from “cradle to grave” are the ideal weighing solution for FSMA purposes.  A scale supplier of Grand Rapids Metroloyg’s reports that, “IP rated bench and indicators can help food suppliers to achieve both backward and forward traceability (be able to identify where all the ingredients came from and where they went).”

A hygienic process is also crucial when preventing contamination. In regards to weighing, the most hygienic applications are those with IP69K ratings. The critera for IP standards are as follows:

Stainless steel, washdown scales and indicators all have IP ratings. IP69K scales and indicators resist dust and water better than any other rated weighing equipment. Their sleek and innovative designs are free of hard seems, rivets, and screws — typically, the areas where bacteria builds up. Not only does the design defend against contamination, but the structure also protects the electronics of the scale which prevents any damage the the scale’s integrity and accuracy.

Including scales and indicators with IP69K ratings to your production process will help align your operation to FSMA regulations. Grand Rapids Metrology can provide a variety of washdown-rated weighing equipment; balances, bench scales, checkweighers, floor scales, indicators, load cells, and more. Some of our main suppliers of washdown products include Rice Lake, Avery Weigh-Tronix, and Ohaus. Such weighing equipment can provide the cleanliness and traceability that FSMA demands.

By complying to FSMA regulations, food production processes prevent contamination that have caused series illness and death in the past. All these products can be purchased and placed into service by Grand Rapids Metrology.

Request a quote for an IP Rated application today — or contact our experts and we’ll help you find the perfect solution to help better the nation’s food supply.

Helping The Hurricane Aftermath

Hurricane Harvey will go down in history similar to Hurricane Katrina. We’ll remember the lives lost, cities destroyed, homes and business that vanished, and the physical, mental and emotional toll experienced by millions. Harvey is being called the worst flooding disaster in U.S. history, but that isn’t the only overwhelming statistic.

Fortunately, Harvey’s fatalities are much lower than Katrina’s. This is can contributed to many reasons including the prompt communication of news, weather and government outlets who helped citizen prepare for the hurricane and evacuate accordingly. However, the cost for both hurricanes are outrageous.



Grand Rapids Metrology couldn’t sit idly by while these devastating numbers continued to rise. Our management team proposed a way for employees and the company to help those who were losing nearly everything in Texas.

All employees were given a link to the Red Cross website where donations of any size could be made. That wasn’t all —  the company promised to match all donation up to $100 made by every team member.

With our paid volunteer hours, GRM Cares program, and annual Christmas donations, Grand Rapids Metrology is known for giving in the local community. When a community 1,225 miles away desperately needed help, we were not surprised that our employees were eager to lend a hand.

In less than a week of collecting donations, Grand Rapids Metrology raised $2,380!

We know our contribution is being put to good use through the Red Cross.

“The American Red Cross is using donor dollars right now to provide shelter, food, comfort and emergency support for individuals and families affected by Harvey. And our work is just beginning— we will use financial donations to help people recover and get back on their feet in the challenging weeks and months ahead.”



The hurricanes, Harvey and most recently Irma, may have passed but their devastating aftermath lives on. To help the millions still in need, donate to the Red Cross today. Donations — no matter how big or small — change lives.

[Event] Open House

You’re invited!

We recently completed renovations on our Grand Rapids headquarters and we want to celebrate – with you! Come take a tour of our new space, visit our featured vendor showcase, win door prizes and have some fun with food, drinks and music!

Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Time: 2:00 – 6:00 PM

Place: Grand Rapids Metrology

4215 Stafford Ave. SW

Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Get directions here.

Please RSVP to the event to help us prepare an awesome time for the right number of people!

Save the event to your Outlook Calendar: Grand Rapids Metrology Open House

[New Products] Partnering with MadgeTech to bring you Data Loggers

As a distributor for over 40 manufacturers, Grand Rapids Metrology has an extensive scope of metrology, heavy capacity, and weighing equipment. However, we never stop seeking out new vendors and high quality products to help better serve our customers.

With that mentality, Grand Rapids Metrology has recently partnered with MadgeTech, a manufacturer of precision data loggers. MadgeTech has been setting the standard for excellence in data logging products and technology for over 20 years. Based in New Hampshire, MadgeTech is an international leader in the industry, selling products in over 100 countries worldwide.

MadgeTech’s data loggers accommodate a wide variety of applications and can measure elements including humidity, temperature, current, pressure, voltage and more. Their wireless data loggers report real-time, continuous data and pair with MadgeTech’s Cloud Service – allowing you to monitor data on a cloud enable device, such as your smartphone.

MadgeTech data loggers are user-friendly, accurate, timely and fit conveniently into work environments. Their products are ideal for many industries including food, pharmaceutical, and energy.

Featured Product: The RFTemp2000A is a wireless data logger featuring a digital LCD display. The device measures ambient temperature, making it ideal for monitoring perishable goods, chemicals and more.

Not only can GRM provide the sale of data loggers, we can also provide calibration and repair services. Grand Rapids Metrology is A2LA/ISO 17025 accredited to calibrate data loggers allowing you to comply with strict industry standards.

Are you in need of a data logger? Quickly and easily request a quote today and our experts will find the perfect solution for you! Have a question or need help with your purchasing decision, contact us or call at (800) 348-5701.

GRM Helps Local Students Complete Study Aimed to Heal Third World Countries

When you’re conducting a study focused on easing the sizable medical cost in third world countries – where do you go to conduct research? You’re regional metrology company probably wouldn’t be your first thought, but that’s exactly where Professor Sinniah and his research students went!

Dr. Sinniah is a professor of chemistry at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. His three research students are chemistry and bio-chemistry majors. They were nearing the end of their summer project when a problem arouse. The equipment being used to perform the tests was proving to be incompetent, for the students needed to use high-quality metrology equipment in order to generate results.

The purpose of their study was to determine if mesh fabric in mosquito nets could serve as a substitute for the medical mesh used in hernia repair surgeries in third world countries. Medical mesh is these regions is very expensive and often unaffordable, but mosquito nets are much more economical – priced roughly around $20. If the mosquito material was established as a sufficient substitute to the medical mesh, third world countries could confidently make the switch to the more cost-effective and equally safe solution. While this practice is already in use in some parts of Africa, the Calvin student’s study ultimately confirms the mosquito nets are a suitable, safe and practical alternative.

Hannah, Rachael and Ellie, Calvin College chemistry and biochemistry students, use Grand Rapids Metrology’s Force Measurement System to test the break strength of mosquito net mesh.

The students had performed a comprehensive heavy metal analysis of the two materials prior to their visit at Grand Rapids Metrology, however they still needed to measure the break strength of the mesh materials post sterilization. Recall their equipment was not suited for the testing of such materials, the Calvin students needed GRM’s help.

After a brief internet search, Dr. Sinniah came across Grand Rapids Metrology’s website prompting a call to our office. After speaking with our Technical Sales Manager, Seth Damoose, the Calvin team was all set to visit our calibration lab and use our Starrett Force Measurement System 500. This machine is able to grasp cloth and other thin materials. The machine the students used at Calvin was designed to hold metals and plastics making it ineffective for testing mesh.

The Starrett FMS500 is ideal for tensile or compressive testing. The software features test templates that require minimal operator setup in order to perform routine test methods such as the student’s push/pull to break test as seen here.


Dr. Sinniah and his students were very grateful to have access to Grand Rapids Metrology’s calibration lab and Starrett Force Measurement System. They reported the FMS500 to work impeccably for their application. They hope to purchase a force measurement system of their own to be used in upper-level teaching and research laboratories.

Dr. Sinniah said “We found the Starret FMS500 to work perfectly for what we wanted to accomplish.”

Grand Rapids Metrology was more than happy to help the Calvin students with their summer project, one that’s impact will extend far beyond West Michigan.

If you’re seeking to perform similar tests or purchase a force measurement system of your own, contact us or easily request a quote today!