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White Paper Helps Guide FSMA Compliance Decisions

Rice Lake Weighing Systems has created a product support white paper that contains easy-to-understand information about the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

This information highlights the ability of Rice Lake’s washdown products to meet requirements of commercial processing industries. The FSMA white paper not only explains how to meet compliance laws, but demonstrates how these scales can help prevent food contamination by the integrity of their construction and design.

For all producers, from farm to the table, purchasing equipment that meets Sanitary Design Principles (SDP) is considered a mandatory preventative measure by the FDA. Offering products that are microbiologically cleanable, hermetically sealed and compatible with hostile environments ideal for those who are obligated to these strict guidelines.

The FSMA paper outlines roles that scales play in safe processing as well as interprets food safety laws that tie in specific functions of your product line.



Source: Rice Lake Weighing System




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