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GRM’s Focus on Quality, Safety and Training

For the first time in our 93-year history, Grand Rapids Metrology has a full-time manager devoted to Quality, Safety and Training.  Dave Warner, an employee of GRM for 14 years, has served as a Technician, Quality Manager, Safety Manager, Lab Manager, and Audit Specialist.  His roles in quality and safety were always “part time”…until now!  As of April 1, 2015, Dave is now our Manager of Quality, Safety and Training.  Dave can be reached at his desk phone at (616) 249-1222 or at

Why now and why is this important?

Everyone knows that “products” are the goods and services you provide to your customer in exchange for compensation.  In our business we think of measuring devices and systems and the repair/calibration thereof.  What about quality, safety and training?

Quality Management is what ensures superior quality goods and services.  It allows for measurement of performance, reliability, durability and accuracy.  It requires documentation.  It’s what differentiates competing organizations.

Customers should expect and demand quality.  We must be able to provide it with full documentation and accreditation.  That’s why we are accredited to ISO 17025 standards by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation), the premier accreditation body.

Quality management not only serves the interest of our customers, but ours as well.  If customers are loyal and growing with the help of quality products and services we provide, our company earns more, our employees earn more and are highly motivated and the results are better business, cash flow, satisfied employees, a healthy workplace, etc.

Safety is also an area given only necessary attention by many of our peers and competitors.  Safety, like quality, is a product.  Safety is important for obvious reasons, such as decreasing injuries, protection from legal liabilities and increased worker efficiency and speed.  However, how do you prove your safety record and how do you present it to your customers?

Safety, like quality, is about processes, training and documentation.  Our safety system, our manual and our documentation are the make-up of our safety product.  Our customers can read it, audit it and rely on it.

Our safety system has been audited and qualified by organizations such as ISNetworld, PICS Auditing, Browz and Safety Services, Inc.  Our system meets the needs of dozens of billion-dollar multi-national companies.  Our safety “product” is accepted and reliable.

Training is another important element of what is too often absent in a “product” package.  The importance of training is a no brainer—we must have competent individuals representing our company, selling products and services and providing calibration and repair services.  Companies like ours must have training documentation which can be read and audited by our customers and accrediting bodies.

Training also serves bigger purposes:

  • Development of great employees must include an employer’s genuine care about their future.
  • Development creates loyalty, which creates better performance and productivity.
  • Great people have a natural desire to advance; they are ambitious and want mentoring and coaching.

How do customers analyze your commitment to training and how do you present your training system as a “product”?  You document it!  The document, the proof of what you say, is the “box” for the “product.”  It’s what you sell because, like quality and safety, it’s who and what you are!

In summary, customers should and many do, demand quality, safety and training documentation.  It must be an integral part of what we provide.  It makes us truly different as a vendor and partner.

Our systems have been reliable for many years.  Now, they are reliable and part of everything we do.  We invite requests in the areas of quality, safety and training.  They are a high priority for us as they should be for everyone.



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