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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK – Mitutoyo Automatic Indentation Detection Program VLPAK2000

Operator influences on hardness measurement are reduced. Only 0.3 seconds for detecting, dramatically improving efficiency.


Automatic detecting speed of 0.3 seconds is achieved. (When a PC with recommended specifications is used)

It is a high-speed automatic detecting machine that detects an indentation in 0.3 seconds and displays the hardness, shortening the time required for measurement.

Detecting reproducibility of +0.5% (for 0.1mm indentation) is achieved. (For objective lens 50X, diagonal line 11 to 45mm, and 500HV) 

It provides high-precision measurement results due to improved detecting reproducibility.

For hardness measurement, the diagonal length of an indentation must be measured on the TV monitor, and operator variation in measurement and labor saving are major issues.

The automatic length measuring program VLPAK2000 automatically reads the diagonal length of an indentation and converts the result to a hardness value, reducing measurement errors due to operator variation. In addition, it can read hardness at high speed in only 0.3 seconds, dramatically improving the work efficiency of hardness testing.

It is easy to use with your hardness testing machine (*HM-112, 122, 114, 124, etc.) and provides additional functions.

It has great operability and allows you to perform setting and data processing on a Windows PC for efficient operation.

Equipped with an automatic detecting function for the Vickers hardness test and Knoop hardness test

Automatic detecting is available for Knoop hardness tests as well as Vickers hardness tests. It also has a video line detecting function, which allows you to perform indentation dimension measurement manually by directly from the PC screen.

Measurement can be performed easily by mouse operation

You can perform all required operations from setting to measurement results display on a Windows PC. MS-Excel is adopted for a data processing of measurement results for various types of data processing.



Grand Rapids Metrology is Michigan’s premire source for measurement solutions and has provided sales, service, calibration and rental of weighing and measuring equipment since 1922. GRM is a proud distributor of Mitutoyo metrology equipment. Please contact for additional information and product request forms.

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