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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK – Mitutoyo Hardness Testers For All Applications


Lineup of testing and measuring instruments

There are 5 major product lines: in the testing field we have hardness testing machines, vibration testing systems, and balancing machines; and in the measuring field we offer vibration analyzers and seismographs.

Lineup of hardness testing machines

Hardness testing machines provide the simplest and most economical testing methods among many material testing machines, playing an important role in research activities, production activities, and commercial transactions. Mitutoyo offers a choice of standard hardness testing machines that are optimal for hard materials such as metals to soft materials such as plastic and rubber, as well as custom-designed testers such as in line-type automatic machines and labor-saving machines required on the shop floor.

CE compliant

The products listed in this brochure provide safe design that is compliant with the low voltage directive, EMC directive, and machine directive of the EU.

Overview of hardness testing machine SHT Series

The hardness standard testing machine SHT Series provides high precision, stability, reproducibility, and high quality required for standard hardness testing machines. The SHT Series hardness testing machines are optimal as the specified secondary measurement standard and/or specified secondary standard such as the specified standard for the domestic traceability system that is currently under review in Japan, as well as the measurement standard for general users. The hardness standard testing machine SHT Series includes a lineup of 4 models that support the 4 most important types of hardness measurement in the industry; Rockwell hardness standard testing machine SHT-31, Vickers hardness standard testing machine SHT-41, Brinell hardness standard testing machine SHT-5, and Shore hardness standard testing machine SHT-6. The SHT Series are the testing machines that provide a superb range of hardness standard. In 1997, the Korea Research Institute of Standard & Science (KRISS), the organization of metrology in Korea, adopted all 4 models. In 2001, the Centre of Measurement Standards of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the organization of metrology in Taiwan, adopted SHT-41. In Japan, SHT-31, delivered to the National Research Laboratory of Metrology (currently the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), was designated as the specified standard according to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Notification No.587 in 1998. In March 2001, the Vickers hardness standard testing machine (SHT-41) was designated as the specified standard in addition to the Rockwell hardness testing machine (SHT-32) stored by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, according to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Notification No.210.



Grand Rapids Metrology is Michigan’s premire source for measurement solutions and has provided sales, service, calibration and rental of weighing and measuring equipment since 1922. GRM is a proud distributor of Mitutoyo metrology equipment. Please contact for additional information and product request forms.

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