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Fully aware of the difficulties associated with wind turbine blade tensioning, the new TorcUP WTB Series is a purpose designed range of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools to suit most wind turbine bolting applications. All WTB Tensioning tools have the capacity to achieve the specified proof load requirements as detailed in EN ISO 898-1:1999 and ASTM A490M for grade 10.9 Bolts. These feature packed tensioners have been designed with rapid tensioning in mind and offer a safe, reliable and consistent method to simultaneously tension many bolts.


The TorcUP TBW Series BackUP Wrench is the simplest way to stop nut rotation. When torqueing bolts, the slim designed TBW Series BackUP Wrench prevents the nut on the opposite side of the stud from turning. It is totally mechanical. Its heavy duty industrial construction makes it ergonomic, safe and durable. The handle can be used with a wide array of BackUP Cartridges, to make this tool adaptable to a wide variety of applications. With its easy to release handle, cartridges can be exchanged simply. This tool eliminates the use of striker wrenches, shims, and vice grip style back up wrenches.

The TBW Series is totally mechanical – no hydraulics. With its easy to release design, the TBW Series BackUP Wrench is the answer.


The TorcUP TFS Series Flange Spreader is the most multi-purpose flange spreader available. Working on flanges, heavy machinery, injection molding machines, and heavy field equipment maintenance, this tool is universally useful. The TFS Flange Spreader is available in both hydraulic and manual models, and is made for easy, single-operator usage. The jaws are designed for “no-drift”. The unit stay where it is placed. With 10,000 Ft/lbs. of spreading force and a full operation spread to 3”, the TFS Series Flange Spreader applies spreading force where you need it, when you need it.


The TorcUP TN Series Nut Splitter is there when you just can’t turn the nut. It’s EASY – sets up and cuts within minutes, SAFE – no sparks, no flames, no flying fragments, FAST – cuts nuts in seconds compared to hours with a torch, FLEXIBLE – designed to fit all API and ANSI flanges, and VERSATILE – cuts the hardest of nuts without damage to the stud. The TN Series is priced competitively amongst lesser quality products and covered for 6 months from defects in material and workmanship.


The TorcUP TLM Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitor defines the state of the art in measurement of the actual elongation produced by tightening a threaded fastener. The TLM can measure the elongation accurately in fasteners of virtually any material from ½ inch to 4 feet in length. The measurement is achieved by determining the change in the transit time of an ultrasonic shock wave along the length of the fastener as the fastener is tightened by any method. The on-board microcomputer automatically interprets this time measurement to display the time (nanoseconds), elongation, load, stress, or % strain from stretching a fastener. Through the use of high speed digital signal processing and automated diagnostics, the TLM-1 minimizes the requirement for extensive operator training. With built in data recording and reporting through an RS232 interface, the TLM offers an easy to use and reliable solution to the most difficult bolting problem.


The TorcUP Industrial Impact Sockets feature freecorner design for flats above 5/8” (17mm). All TorcUP Industrial Impact Sockets are made from high strength alloy steel, heat treated for the best combination of strength and impact resistance. With optimum wall thickness, TorcUP sockets have the strength to withstand the necessary torque and the access to reach the most restricted of nuts. The depth of the hex openings are designed to accommodate the nut, for full engagement.

¾” DRIVE – Imperial (1/2”-2 3/8”) and Metric (17mm-60mm): Available in 6 Point Standard, 6 Point Deep, 6 Point Thinwall, 12 Point Configurations, as well as Hex Driver Sockets, Extensions and Adaptors.

1” DRIVE – Imperial (1/2”-2 3/8”) and Metric (17mm-60mm): Available in 6 Point Standard, 6 Point Deep, 6 Point Thinwall, 6 Point Deep Thinwall, and 12 Point Configurations, as well as Hex Driver Sockets, Extensions and Adaptors.

1 ½” DRIVE – Imperial (1 3/8”-4 ½”) and Metric (19mm-115mm): Available in 6 Point Standard, 6 Point Deep, and 12 Point Configurations, as well as Extensions and Adaptors.

2 ½” DRIVE – Imperial (1 5/8”-9 ¼”) and Metric (43mm-225mm):  Available in 6 Point Standard and 6 Point Deep Configurations, as well as Extensions and Adaptors.


The TorcUP Line of Turbine Tooling includes Standard Slugging Wrenches, Standard Stack Sockets, Castellated Slugging Wrenches, Castellated Sockets and Castellated Stack Sockets. Made of the same high strength steel alloy as our Industrial Impact Sockets, TorcUP Turbine Tools are made to the specifications of industry standards.

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Grand Rapids Metrology is Michigan’s premire source for measurement solutions and has provided sales, service, calibration and rental of weighing and measuring equipment since 1922. GRM is a proud distributor of TorcUP metrology equipment. Please contact for additional information and product request forms.

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