Grand Rapids Metrology Travels the Globe!

We have worked with some of the top 10 automotive manufacturers in the world and are most known for our automated vehicle weighing systems! These systems weigh vehicles as they come off production lines to ensure quality standards are met. Projects have been done in Canada, Mexico, India, and China! Because we help make sure you are in accordance with rules and regulations, we get to work on some pretty cool projects. We created a floor scale system that communicates with a PC to record weights of packed shipping containers to guarantee our customer met international SOLAS requirements. We created this system in 5 different countries: China, France, Romania, Spain, and Germany! We help make your customers happy by creating an in-motion check-weighing system that will check the weight of packed boxes. This is to compare the weight of the packed box against the weight of the product to make sure everything equals out! No customer wants to receive the wrong product or missing products when they open their package. These systems have been installed in London, Canada, Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary, and Poland! To shed some light on the projects we’ve done in the United States, we’ve had the pleasure of doing business in New Jersey, Georgia, Washington, California, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky. We may be established in 5 different locations throughout Michigan, but that doesn’t stop us from striving to ensure safety, customer satisfaction and quality throughout the world! Contact us for more information on our custom solutions. We might just transform your process.

Filling System Based on Time or Weight

Avery Weigh-Tronix Indicator







Data from the US Department of Labor declares performing physical activity and operating machinery constitutes 30% of time spent working (NCCI, 2017). Companies are wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. GRM can custom engineer automated systems to better utilize resources, save time and money.



A customer, who had been using an outdated process, contacted GRM to make adjustments and engineer a system to control overflow. They were filling tanks with non-flammable gas using obsolete equipment.



We put in a floor scale, replaced the old unit with an updated indicator and installed customized software to control flow monitoring based on weight or time. When the fill operation begins, valves open, and a timer starts. Once the timer times out, the current weight is recorded, timer 2 starts and the user programmable rate of change value is added. Once timer 2 times out, the weight is checked to see if it has increased by the rate of change value. If it has, the weight is recorded and the timer 2 process is repeated. If the weight did not increase by the rate of change value, then the process is halted and the valves close.


The installed software is 100% customized to their specific measurement process. This automated system saves time and resources, minimizes error and allows the operators to focus on more imperative matters. Contact GRM to discuss how we can optimize your process!


How to Avoid In-Plant Contamination – Change Your Floor Scale!

If your business uses floor scales, you may understand the pains and dangers of microbial build-up. Food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries are no strangers to the devastating consequences of product contamination. With a standard washdown floor scale, removing the problem can be a problem in and of itself and with safety measures becoming more stringent, bacterial outbreaks are often sourced back to an in-plant contamination.

For the ultimate microbial resistance in sanitary environments, Grand Rapids Metrology can provide your operations with a RoughDeck QC-X washdown floor scale. The RoughDeck QC-X is the ideal complement to hygiene control programs as a multi-barrier protection system against dangerous, unsanitary hazards. Manufactured by Rice Lake Weighing Systems, this platform is designed to safeguard against microscopic bacteria and contamination in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. This floor scale is constructed from 304 stainless steel to provide rugged strength in the toughest hygienic environments.

The RoughDeck QC-X features extreme access, strength, and resistance.  With a top plate that opens 75°, the widest in the industry, accessing the entire scale interior to be inspected, washed, and cleaned is made easy. This optimal design uses a scale base built from solid, stainless steel plates to hold up against fierce pressure. The absence of tubes or channels allows for swift and easy cleaning which means no more worrying about missed microbial build-up. 

For more information or to purchase the RoughDeck QC-X washdown floor scale, request a quote today or call us at (800) 348-5701!