Are You Choosing The Right Measurement Service Provider?

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Gr Metrology Service Provider

Do you Need an Accredited Laboratory?

Do you need Accredited Calibrations? This is the place to start when it comes to choosing the right service provider. Laboratory accreditation ensures that your provider is up to date and abiding by relevant quality standards. This accreditation is a good indication of the quality and competency of a service provider. ISO 17025 is the standard by which a calibration laboratory must hold accreditation in to be viewed as technically competent. This competency is reflected by each laboratories Scope of Accreditation, which is the technical way to say — all the areas they can calibrate with a high level of competency.

Within Their Scope of Accreditation

Finding a lab that is accredited may not be the hardest part of finding a good service provider. Figuring out if their scope of accreditation can meet the measurement uncertainties that you need may prove to be the most difficult part. Most accredited calibration laboratories will have a “scope of accreditation” document that states the uncertainties in which, they can provide competent service in. View our Scope of Accreditation Here! (our scope is printable)


Another key point to look at is if they can calibrate all your equipment. Can your service provider be the single source for all your measurement service needs? A single source service provider is long-term decision as it can reduce logistic complications as well as give you more immediate attention for urgent incidents.GR Metrology is capable of being your single-source service provider via our scope of accreditation and our large network of other providers want to learn more, contact us here!


If you are doing business with a non-accredited lab you will need to ask about their measurement uncertainty, and you will have to determine if that is good enough for what you need. If you go with a non-accredited lab, this will also mean that you may not get an accredited certification for your compliant for your calibrations.

Calibration Certificate Access

Calibration certificates come with all accredited calibrations, a few things the certificates include are: the equipment that was calibrated, the lab that calibrated it, the calibration data, “as found” and “as left” data points, measurement uncertainties, and a signature of the person who performed the calibration and the date. As said before you may not get a calibration certificate that is compliant to your quality standards if you are not using an accredited calibration provider.” 

Asset Management

Does your service provider offer an asset management system or data portal for your calibration certifications and service information? Asset management systems are of growing importance in our digital age. If you are still holding calibration certificates in a filing cabinet, or even worse lying around on your desk; an asset management system will be of use to you. An asset management system houses your calibration data and other data from services done by a provider. Some can even send you reminders for when you have equipment that is getting close to its calibration due date. (Our Asset Management System does this!

Onsite Calibrations?

Onsite calibrations can save you extensive periods of downtime and have your equipment fully calibrated and certified in your own facility. Cutting the need to package and ship your equipment out to a laboratory. Checking if your service provider offers this can be a huge bonus for you as it will eliminate downtime costs and keep your production running.

Express Service or Rapid Response?

Some providers offer expedited or rapid response services for businesses that need a quicker turnaround time than normal. Being without your devices for long periods of time is expensive and often requires additional compliance activities. This small service can be the make or break for some businesses that need their equipment back to them ASAP.

Do They Explain What They are Doing and Why?

Does the provider explain what they are doing when they service your equipment or provide notes of service? Providers should tell you what they are doing and why when they are servicing and after servicing your equipment, they should also say if that equipment passed or failed. Your provider should be transparent with you on all the details of service.

Repairs, Service, Maintenance

Is the calibration laboratory competent in performing repairs or other maintenance services needed? GR Metrology not only offers repairs, emergency repairs, preventive maintenance, and other services, but we have a full custom automation department!

Provider’s brand and reputation - Is the service provider someone you want to work with again?

Is the provider a brand you trust? Having a provider that can take care of things for you is a huge bonus when it comes to your measurement equipment needs. Not needing to re-check if the service was done properly, or worse, having to have them reservice it shortly after calibrations were made is a clear sign of a good service provider. Finding a trustworthy brand to go back to may not always be easy or cheap, but the long-term benefits of having a loyal service provider is ten times better than switching providers every year.

Agreements and Future Reminders

Does the calibration lab offer the possibility to make continual calibration and service agreements for providing future service?


Do they send you a reminder when it is coming time for your next calibration? Will they tell you when equipment has gone obsolete?

What GR Metrology does as a service provider

GR Metrology has been ISO certified since 1996 and has been expanding its scope of accreditation nearly every year since. With one of the largest scopes in Michigan, we can service nearly all types of equipment. We strive to be world-class and helpful in all aspects of business, here is a look at what we can offer:


  • ISO Accredited Calibrations and Certifications
  • Certlink (our Asset Management System) to store your service information and give you upcoming calibration reminders
  • A single-source service provider (Oh yes, we can do it all!)
  • On-site calibrations and expedited service
  • Repairs, maintenance, 24/7 emergency service
  • A custom Automation team, building custom systems for automating production systems.
  • A brand providing quality since 1922
  • Long-term agreements
  • Automated reminders for calibrations
  • 35+ State registered technicians

Metrology in Manufacturing

It is important to note Metrology is the science of measurement. Now, how does this fit into the manufacturing world? The answer is simple, through quality assurance.

Manufacturing revolves around hundreds or thousands of parts being produced each week. These parts must meet precise specifications to ensure quality is met. This is where metrology comes in. Through a series of measurements, the quality control inspector will determine if parts meet the requirements. If most parts are out of spec, then this is where GRM comes in.

A potential reason for poor quality could be due to the machinery. Over time machinery wears down, becomes dull or loses alignment. This causes problems in the quality of production. To avoid recalls, downtime and other production problems, many manufacturers partner up with GRM, an accredited measurement service provider.

Grand Rapids Metrology performs repairs and A2LA ISO 17025 accredited calibration services to adhere to your industries standards and regulations. Be sure to check out our accredited scope of capabilities!


Meet the GRM Staff | Seth Damoose


Name: Seth Damoose

Hometown: Rapid City, South Dakota

Title at GRM: Technical Sales Manager

Branch: Grand Rapids

Time working at GRM: 10 years this April

What is an average day of work like for you? Busy. There is a lot of communication with customers on the phone, through email, and in person. Interactions with manufacturers, service managers and technicians internally. There are still moments spent on the phone with technicians from both sides of our business that I spend assisting with troubleshooting. There is never a dull moment in my days. The only real “down time” I experience is driving from place to place, and really how relaxing is traffic?!

What originally got you interested in the work that you do? The challenge. I love the hunt for new customers and new solutions. The idea that I can help grow this company into something amazing is quite intoxicating for me.

What is your favorite part of your work? My favorite part would be the interaction with the customers. Finding out that they need a solution to a problem, and then helping to get them there.

If you weren’t in the business of metrology, what do you think you’d be doing? I am doing it simultaneously. I work in comic books. I have been writing and drawing comic books for 14 years now. I’ve been fortune enough to have everything I’ve work on to be published and distributed worldwide.

What are some activities you enjoy when you aren’t working? Spending time with my wife and daughter, without whom I would not be who I am today. They keep me grounded and humble as well as push me to be a better person.

What is your favorite childhood memory? When I was little, I was a sickly child that missed a lot of school. Being raised by a single mother made it difficult to be sick as there was no other option for me, so I went to work with her. For much of my youth she worked in advertising for a local newspaper, so I spent my days with my mother in the car. While she went in to talk with her customers I would stay in the car wrapped in blankets reading comic books. When she would return to her office, she would let me assist with the layouts of the advertisements in the newspaper.

What is your favorite food? Cereal. I could eat cereal for any meal.

What are some of your favorite movies? The Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies made quite the impact on me as a youth, and I’ve loved watching them and now sharing them with my daughter.

What are some of your favorite musicians/bands? I’ve always been a fan of “classic rock”. Led Zepplin, the Doors, Rolling Stones, CCR, David Bowie, Queen and the like. As I grew into my own, I gravitated towards Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains.

What is your favorite place to travel to or visit? Northern California. I am absolutely enamored with the San Francisco bay area.

What is something you find unique/interesting about yourself? I’ve always been told that the way I put words together is unlike most people. I have a specific way of phrasing things, and more than sometimes it throws people off guard. The process in which my brain puts thoughts together usually comes out of my mouth without a filter. This tends to make people uncomfortable.

Temperature Mapping of Ovens

Recently, Grand Rapids Metrology was contacted by a manufacturing company. They were curious about the possibility of temperature gradients inside of their inert gas ovens. Before approaching GRM, the company was utilizing single point measurement. Although single point measurement provides accurate temperature data for an oven, it does not provide enough data to determine the temperature gradient of the entire oven.

The customer was inquisitive about temperature fluctuations in various locations within the oven, as the entire oven is used in their manufacturing process. Upon GRM’s intervention, a nine-point temperature mapping of the oven was agreed upon. The nine points consisted of one point in each corner of the cube and one in the center, all of which had three temperature set point of 600°F, 800°F, and 1,000°F. This solution was able to provide the manufacturing company with a complete temperature gradient of the oven which was their biggest desire from the beginning. Likewise, it enabled them to use the data provided by the nine-point structure for their quality system.

Although having less experience with temperature than other facets of our business seeing as it in newer to our arsenal of capabilities, Grand Rapids Metrology has performed various adaptations of temperature mapping for several companies and industries. For inquiries regarding temperature mapping or GRM’s other temperature capabilities, please contact our Metrology Manager, Kyle Mack, by email at or by phone at 616.249.1220.

GRM’s New Partnership with Sika USA Inc.

In November of this year, Grand Rapids Metrology added a new metrology supplier to its arsenal; Sika USA Inc. Sika is based in Germany with a regional office in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, just thirty minutes south of Milwaukee. Their company history resembles Grand Rapids Metrology’s long history as Sika was established over 100 years ago, and GRM is quickly approaching our 100-year anniversary. Sika prides themselves in their technical expertise, reliable and precise measurements, and vast scope of knowledge. Sound similar to Grand Rapids Metrology?

Although we feel there are numerous similarities in our businesses, there are certainly aspects of metrology that Sika is capable of that GRM is not, making this a wonderful partnership. With this new supplier relationship, Grand Rapids Metrology will be able to sell and service metrology equipment manufactured by Sika. Their three divisions of expertise are Pressure Measurement and Calibration Instruments, Flow Measuring Instruments, and Electronic Measuring and Calibration Instruments. With these disciplines, especially the addition of Flow Measuring, GRM will be able to offer new products and calibration services to our customers.

Below is the list of Sika equipment GRM will be able to distribute:

Dial Thermometers

Digital Thermometers

Dry-Well Calibrators

Flow Meters/Sensors

Electronic Controllers & Indicators

Handheld Instruments

Industrial Thermometers

Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Pressure Pumps & Reference Gauges

Pressure Sensors


Temperature Calibrators & Sensors

This list is subject to grow as our knowledge and relationship with Sika advances. GRM is sure this partnership will be a beneficial endeavor for all parties involved.

If you have any questions regarding Sika, their products, or our relationship with them, please feel free to contact our Metrology Manager, Kyle Mack, via email at or phone at 616.249.1220, or our Technical Sales Manager, Seth Damoose, via email at or phone at 616.249.1244.

Benefits of Using a Single Source Vendor

In 2013 we changed our name from Grand Rapids Scale to Grand Rapids Metrology to better communicate our expanded scope of capabilities. The word scale has a limited connotation, however the word metrology, the scientific study of measurement, has just the opposite. Before 2013, the services that followed our name were that of a scale variety and not much else, but now our offered services are much greater. From dimensional and mechanical test equipment to temperature and electronic calibrations, our new name is a reflection of our ultimate goal; to be a single source measurement vendor for our customers.

This goal is a great responsibility for us, but we see it as a great opportunity for our customers. Using a single source vendor in any area can be vastly beneficial for both parties involved. When working exclusively with Grand Rapids Metrology as your measurement vendor, here are some benefits you will encounter:

Lower cost of doing business due to the consolidation of all requirements with one supplier.

More consistent quality. In our industry, different vendors have varying accreditation standards. Using multiple suppliers, for instance, could result in half of your equipment being A2LA accredited while the other half is only NIST traceable. That leaves a headache for you to remember which equipment has which accreditations (even more so, when do they all need to be calibrated??), but using one measurement supplier is an easy fix to that problem (by the way, GRM is A2LA accredited and reminds you when calibrations are due to occur).

Customer service relationships improve. When a company has one vendor, the people at that company becomes to intimately know you and your business. The familiarity allows the manager to anticipate needs, find customer solutions for individual customers, and track orders from start to finish. Building rapport with a single vendor encourages the formation of a truly functional working relationship that minimizes compatibilities issues.

• Improved plan synchronization, information exchange, and supplier responsiveness. The heightened relationship, as mentioned above, has rippling benefits.

• Decreased effort to manage supplier performance and relationships on your part because you are tracking only one supplier, opposed to multiple.

• If complications of any type should arise, it is simple to find the source. With numerous vendors, problems could be the fault of anyone, but with one supplier the party at responsible is easy to identify and a correction can be made quickly and efficiently.

Save time in the procurement phase i.e. the time spent comparing vendors to find the best. If your company already has found a good relationship with a vendor, it’s easier to continue with them for additional products/services.

The vendor should take on more responsibility. At GRM, we find that making life easier for you is our mission. With features like complete asset management and 24/7/365 emergency service, we take pride in taking the load off your shoulders time and time again.

It’s just easier– one phone number, one contact, one invoice, one unbeatable relationship.

The road to becoming a single source vendor is not an easy one, but we feel we are up to the task! If you feel there are any areas of measurement you would like to see added to our scope, leave a comment below or call us at 800.348.5701 and we will be sure to address them!