Utilizing Forklift Scales to Increase Productivity

We worked with an agriculture company that was having troubles obtaining information in an efficient manner. They were using forklifts to load pallets onto a floor scale to weigh the skids. This company had 2 floor scales and 5 wireless remotes, one for each forklift. The skids were weighed on the floor scale and a button from the associated forklift remote was pressed to associate the weight with the floor scale. All 5 forklifts were weighing skids from different lots and storing measurements on an indicator. When the lot was closed out, meaning all 10 skids from each of the 4 coolers were weighed, a different button was pressed on the forklift remote to print the accumulated report on one of the scales. The measurement information on the indicator was erased and sent to a PC to be stored.

The issue was that 5 forklifts were fighting over 2 floor scales during their busy season. This, in turn, resulted in less productivity and wasted time.

We worked with the equipment manufacturer to customize a software system that will allow any of the 5 forklifts to pick up a skid from any of the 3 lots. The customer is able to weigh the skid on the forklift itself which then stores the weight data in the indicator. Once a lot is closed out, data is sent to a central PC wirelessly and a report can be printed out. Grand Rapids Metrology took an outdated system and upgraded it. We created a custom software that would wirelessly communicate with a central PC, and we retrofitted a forklift scale carriage to an existing forklift to allow for weighing right from the forklift itself!

This saved the company significant time, costs and energy while increasing productivity and profit margins. Imagine it being your busiest time of the year and not being able to keep up with demand and production. You would be losing money.

If you are using a forklift to bring material to a floor scale repeatedly, you are using an outdated system. If your forklift scale doesn’t send data wirelessly, you are using an outdated system. Contact us to bring your system up-to-date.

A Customized Drum Filling System


A premier producer of cemented carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride products contacted GRM to engineer a complex drum filling system. A process was planned to have powder sifted through screens to categorize it by size into the appropriate drum. They needed a method of process control where an operator would not be required to watch each drum as it filled. An automated system was implemented to prevent overflow and error.

To free up their time and resources, we installed 3 scales under roll conveyors to maximize process flow. The scales measure the density of the powder and are programmed to send a signal to shut the system down once a threshold is met. A custom software is programmed inside the indicator to control the vibratory feeder and inform users which drums are full.

The installed software is 100% customized to their specific measurement process. This automated system saves time and resources, minimizes error and allows the operators to focus on more imperative matters.  Contact GRM to discuss how we can optimize your process!


[New Service] We’re Optimizing Your Operations

You’re doing it wrong.

No one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong, but sometimes it’s true.

We’ve been around for awhile, so we’ve seen a few slow, costly and inefficient weighing processes. Don’t get us wrong — they might get the job done for now, but don’t you want to more than slow, inefficient or costly?  We’ve witnessed the wasted time, resources and manpower, but no more.

We want to tell you you’re doing it wrong — but we also want to fix it. Let us explain.

First of all, “it” could be a number of things. A manually operated processinaccurate temperature grade, a hand-written labellack of accuracy along the supply chain – the list goes on.

Grand Rapids Metrology is rolling out a new service aimed to fix all your “it.” This is our Process Improvement Service and it acts like any other consulting service! GRM will study your current weighing processes while searching out inaccurate and inefficient methods. We’ll then suggest improvements aimed at optimization to create the most effective use of your resources.

We have an entire division dedicated to problem solving. So when we study your operations, we’ll design solutions that will increased efficiency, accuracy and traceability. Quality will undoubtedly improve.

With almost a century of measurement experience, a knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians, and applications in a variety industries, we’re considered experts at crafting weighing solutions.

The math is simple!

When you invest in a Process Improvement Service, our experts will:

  • Study and evaluate current operations
  • Discuss recommendations for improving current operations
  • Provide a quote with pricing and requirements to complete the proposed solution

Our team is able to establish simple, easy-to-use solutions for your complex measurement application. Our applications are proven to:

  • Promote Efficiency
  • Free Up Manpower
  • Reduce Cost
  • Shrink Lead-Times
  • Increase Quality

We hate to tell you you’re doing “it” wrong, but we’d also love to find a cure for your slow, costly and inefficient processes. We’re happy to talk to you about GRM’s Process Improvement Service and how it can benefit your business. Give us a call at (800) 348-5701 or send us a message by clicking the button below.