Our values at Grand Rapids Metrology are Exceed, Inspire, Collaborate, Innovate, and Embrace. Exceed expectations every day, Inspire positive attitudes and family values, Collaborate through shared knowledge, Innovate for creative solutions, and Embrace change. We live by these values every day. This week’s employee recognition goes to Chris. Chris is a Service Technician in the Grand Rapids area.



“He is great at communicating with me when a job needs a follow up, a customer needs parts for stock, etc. He truly cares about the customer and about being a good employee. He is very reliable.”



“Chris is one of our most reliable and knowledgeable technicians.  He continues to work for any solutions when faced with adversity in the field.  His customer service skills and communication are top notch.  We always know what we need to do or what the customer needs are when he is onsite. There is no situation that Chris will not perform at his top level.”



“What makes Chris great as his job is the pride he puts into the task at hand. He will do everything in his power to ensure the job is done correctly and the customer is taken care of.”

“We have a customer that requires a technician to be available at all times, whenever needed. Chris volunteered to be that technician. He’s basically on call 24/7. That impressed me.”


Thanks Chris, for all your hard work, and for living out our values each and every day. Here’s to you!

How to Calibrate a Forklift

Forklifts are built in a variety of different styles to be able to maneuver around obstacles and operate efficiently within your facility. They are used to load, transport, and stack inventory and other materials; favorably, forklifts also record weighing data. It is important to make sure your forklifts are calibrated yearly to save time, money, and resources. Inaccurate weighing data could result in profit loss.

To properly calibrate this electronic forklift scale, we turned it on and off several times to make sure it read zero each time it was on. It didn’t, so we took apart the scale, examined it, and put it back together again to make sure it was on securely.

Once we got an accurate reading of zero and we added a test weight to the forklift. In this case it was two 500lb weights.

We checked the reading of the scale, and it correlated with the test weight!



Forklift calibrations are usually simple and quick!

Give us a call if you are having issues with a forklift of yours. We’d be happy to help!


[Video] A Day in the Life of a GRM Service Technician

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the field? To spend your days travelling, speaking with customers, and troubleshooting equipment? Wonder no more – a few of our Grand Rapids Service Technicians are here to give you a glimpse into their day-to-day responsibilities at GRM!

If you’ve ever thought about a career in the service industry, consider calling Grand Rapids Metrology home and apply for one of our current open positions here!

Meet the GRM Staff | Doug Eubanks

Name: Doug Eubanks

Hometown: Benton Harbor, MI

Title at GRM: Senior Service Technician

Branch: Benton Harbor

Time working at GRM: 28 years as of June 1st, 2017

What is an average day of work like for you? Organizing and supplying the Benton Harbor shop, customer contact, and taking care of my customers.

What originally got you interested in the work that you do? I have mechanical and electronic background, education and training. I answered a want-ad in the newspaper for this job 28 years ago!

What is your favorite part of your work? Successfully completing tasks.

What is your favorite experience you had with a customer or your favorite achievement when servicing a customer? Anytime I complete a job that is out of my normal realm of service.

If you weren’t in the business of metrology, what do you think you’d be doing? I’ve always liked photography.

What are some activities you enjoy when you aren’t working? “Jeep”ing, wandering and photography.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Being outside in the summer on my bicycle for hours and hours on end.

What is your favorite food? Lisa’s (my wife) spaghetti

What are some of your favorite movies? The Bourne saga, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones

What are some of your favorite musicians/bands? Seether, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains

What is your favorite place to travel to or visit? Arizona

What is something you find unique/interesting about yourself? I have some knowledge of musical instruments – I enjoy music!