Torque’s Impact on You

What Is Torque?

Torque is rotational or turning force and is calculated by multiplying length (measured from “center of drive” to “center of handle) and force.

Why Is Torque Important?

If torque is not properly applied, it can lead to safety hazards such as stripped threads and premature loosening, or broken fasteners. Any of these outcomes could lead to product failure resulting in damages to other equipment or workers. However, if it is applied accurately, it is used to fasten specified components to precise values. There are three basic measures that influence torque application. They are:

  1. Condition of the components – if the fastener has rusted or stripped threads, it could result in poor performance and lead to failure.
  2. Accuracy of the instrument – if the torque wrench is not accurately calibrated, the fastener may be too loose or tight which can also result in product failure.
  3. Properly applied torque values – once the torque wrench is calibrated, it is important to apply the correct amount of torque to the fastener to ensure high performance.

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How Can We Help?

GRM offers the full line of CDI/Snap-On and TorcUp products, including hydraulic wrenches, impact sockets, pneumatic wrenches, and hydraulic pumps. We are A2LA certified in torque wrenches and measuring devices.


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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK – TorcUP TU Ultra Series: Square Drive Hydraulic


TorcUP realizes that sometimes you need just a little more which is why we are improving our TU series! The TU “Ultra” Series combines all of the beneficial features of the TU, from the Multi-Axis Swivels to the Laser Engraved Torque Chart, along with all internal mechanical moving components being machined from VASCOMAX! Unlike any other brand of Hydraulic Torque Wrench in the world, TorcUP has created a tool with the major components which create torque out of the UNDISPUTED STRONGEST MATERIAL KNOWN IN THE INDUSTRY!

Who says that you have to sacrifice looks for strength? Good looks are just the start, with a distinct advantage added to the drive plate, segment and ratchet. These three components take the brunt of the wear and tear, and the TU “ULTRA” they are made of Vascomax, which means they are 30% stronger and 15% harder. With US Patent No. 6,068,068, the TU “ULTRA” will remain distinctive among the field of torque wrenches.

Why now, one may ask, the TU is a dependable work horse, strong enough to meet applications and accurate to +/- 3% ? The reason TorcUP redesigned our reliable TU is for those ULTIMATE applications… the work that requires brutal and unforgiving usage, especially the wind industry. With a torque range from 127 Ft/Lbs. through 58,000 Ft/Lbs., the TU “ULTRA” Square Drive Wrench is the wrench you will have for a lifetime.

US Patent No. 6,068,068

TU Ultra Series Features

Patented Mono-Body Housing: A TorcUP exclusive!

Balanced Drive Rod: Side load free piston movement.

Multi-Tooth Drive Segment: Insures up to 27 degree torque stroke.

Anti-Back Lash Mechanism: Provides hands free operation.

Laser Engraved Torque Chart: No more searching for charts.

Multi-Tooth Ratchet: Strong Vascomax teeth provide strength, accurary and 27 degree torque stroke.

One Piece Drive Plate: One piece Vascomax drive plate provides longer life durability.

Push-Through Drive: Simply push to switch from loosen to tighen.

Single Seal Piston: Assures extended maintenance free operation.

Direct Housing Reaction: Allows use of tool without reaction arm.

Steel Reaction Boot: Field replacement features protects reaction arm.

Long Length Reaction Arm: Allows for reaction on all applications.

Reaction Arm Release Button: Protected within reaction arm housing.

360°x 360°  Swivel: Allows hose to be cleared on all applications.

No Drip Quick Connect Couplers: Assures easy and safe operation.

Steel Alloy Piston: Robust composition allows for longer operation cycle.

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