Increasing the Efficiency Rate of Water Consumption in Agriculture









According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, Agriculture accounts for 70% of all water consumption; however, the efficiency rate of that water consumption is very low. Most of the water drains off or is evaporated. Only a small percentage of that water consumption is actually used for plant growth.

What effect does this have on the Agriculture industry? A lower efficiency rate results in wasted resources and decreased productivity. As fresh water supply becomes increasingly limited as the years go on, it is imperative for the Agriculture industry to strategize ways to increase water consumption efficiency for sustainability.

A University measured plant performance based on efficient water consumption. Their goal is to secure future food production no matter what climate challenges are faced. Potted plants were monitored continuously for their water consumption during growth and weighed in ambient conditions.

The measurement system needed to be resistant to temperature noise to provide reliable and accurate results. Load cells that were specifically tailored to greenhouse conditions were used to track small increments in weight over a long period of time. These load cells withstood the temperature fluctuations and high humidity environmental conditions. This measurement system is expected to save costs by optimizing nutrient delivery and boosting crop yield, due to early detection of stress and reducing water and fertilizer use.

Though this was not a Solutions Project GRM was involved in, this goes to show how metrology is used to solve various problems. If you’d like to decrease wasted resources, increase productivity and efficiency, we’d love to help you strategize! Our Solutions Team specializes in process automation and custom measurement systems to meet your specific goals.




“Load Cells Help Optimize Water Efficiency In Stressed Climate.” Weigh & Measure, Apr. 2019, pp. 10+.

Internal Recycling Campaign

This past summer, Grand Rapids Metrology began renovating our headquarter building in Grand Rapids. Months later and we’re almost done! With painted walls, hanging lights, carpet and furniture on the way, GRM is working to finalize all the details involved with moving our team back into our new office! The renovation has highlighted a perfect opportunity to make a positive change – creating and implementing an internal recycling campaign.

Currently, GRM does offer recycling, however the number of recycling bins available are limited and so is the material we are able to recycle (primarily paper). Our team is coordinating with a nearby waste management organization to execute this campaign. Each individual office will be stocked with its own recycling bin, as well as the break room, technician space, calibration lab, and the garage. It is imperative to make recycling available to all our staff, but more so, it is exceedingly important to educate them on recycling protocol and why recycling is meaningful.

One of the leading justifications of many people who do not recycle is because recycling bins and programs are unavailable to them. Admittedly, it is very easy for someone to throw an empty water bottle in a trash can as generally those are more prevalent than recycling bins. Our goal here is that whenever you see a trash can, you see a recycling bin as well; making it equally effortless for someone to recycle instead of simply throwing that water bottle away.

Education on this matter is also essential. To educate are employees on the importance of sustainability and recycling, we have created a small hand out (below) to demonstrate the positive impact recycling can have. A response of people who purposefully do not recycle is, “It doesn’t make a difference.” This info-graphic proves them wrong. Secondly, we have created and will distribute a “cheat sheet” to recycling. This piece visually shows employees what materials and specifics items can be recycled and which should be thrown away.

The purpose of this campaign is simple- to make a positive difference in our world. Grand Rapids Metrology is immensely invested it doing its part to give back and help the environment in every way we can. This program may have been overdue, but better late than never! The building renovation created the perfect opportunity for us to implement our new campaign. The entire company (all five branches) will receive the educational information as well as the handout depicting the importance of recycling. The new bins will be placed at our Grand Rapids offices for now, but we aspire to make more recycling bins present in all of our office spaces. We encourage others to understand the importance of sustainability and implement similar programs into their home and business.

Recycling info-graphic GRM team will receive: