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Calibration and Repair Pitfalls: Turnaround Time and Local Service

Every Equipment and Quality Manager faces the dilemma of devices being out of service for routine calibration and, as a result, processes are interrupted. Too often, equipment has to be shipped out of state to facilities for service and repair. There are several problems with this process: First, you don’t have a reliable local vendor to calibrate and repair your measurement equipment. Second, your provider may not be accredited to handle your equipment. Third, the manufacturer recommends that you send devices back to them for repair and calibration. These are just some of the issues that cause anxiety for Equipment Managers.


You should know your service provider. They are your resource for training and compliance. How can this role be played from a vendor hundreds of miles away? It can’t! You should not have to be without your equipment for long periods. With a local measurement vendor, you won’t be! Your vendor should know your equipment, have lists for your reference, assist you with quality audit issues and have all your calibration certificates available online with 24/7 access! Most importantly, your measurement service vendor should be able to get to your facility within hours. If they can’t, if you have to wait until they are “in the area”, you could be shut down and/or, in non-compliance with your quality system and maybe your customers’ systems.


A local measurement vendor cares about your success. They, like you, are invested in the community. Only GRAND RAPIDS METROLOGY can truly be local throughout the State of Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio. We are LOCAL because we have invested in infrastructure in your communities. We employ your friends and relatives. We know your business and your equipment. We have sales and service locations with inventories of parts and new equipment in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Bay City, Benton Harbor and Battle Creek. At each of our facilities, we have a fleet of service vehicles and employ State of Michigan Registered Technicians. Each territory is also staffed with a salesperson for your product needs and a service coordinator to schedule your calibrations and repairs. Technicians can be GPS-dispatched from each location 365 days per year, 24 hours a day! There are very few places we cannot reach in a matter of hours.


Don’t be fooled by vendors that say they have local service because they have a local telephone number that rings hours away or even in a different state. Those are not vendors who, like you, have made investments in your community and who employ your family members, friends and neighbors. They don’t have a fleet of service vehicles or registered technicians that live and work in your community. They also don’t have a local inventory of the parts and products you may need on an emergency basis.


Take a look at a map. You can see our strategy. We can get anywhere in the Southern half of the lower peninsula within an hour. We can get most places in the Northern Lower Peninsula and Northern Indiana and Ohio within 2 or 3 hours. Our sales and service offices strategically placed in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Bay City, Benton Harbor and Battle Creek “cover” the state with LOCAL SERVICE!


Response and turnaround time issues can be fully resolved by calling GRAND RAPIDS METROLOGY. Local knowledge and support produce better results!






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