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Changed FM Approval for Fairbanks 2800 Instruments

As a premier distributor of Fairbanks equipment, it is Grand Rapids Metrology’s obligation to keep you up to date on the latest news. Starting March 1st, 2019, this Friday, the 2800 instruments with Intalogix Technology will no longer be FM approved for Division 1 applications.

FM approval, from Factory Mutual Global, indicates what hazardous areas equipment can withstand. Equipment must be reevaluated in order to retain approvals. If the product cannot meet the new standards, it will either lose its FM approval or the approval will be reduced to a lower level. Fairbanks 2800 instruments with Intalogix Technology will have a lower level approval. They will be approved for Division 2 applications.

Division 1 applications encompass hazards that exist under normal operating conditions or where a hazard is caused by frequent maintenance or repair work. Division 2 applications include hazards that exist under unusual circumstances.

All existing equipment are accurately labeled for Division 1 applications and are grandfathered in. Equipment manufactured on or after March 1st 2019 will be approved for Division 2 applications, but not Division 1. If you are in the middle of obtaining a quote, be sure to reach out to your sales contact or call us directly!




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