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Temperature Mapping of Ovens

Recently, Grand Rapids Metrology was contacted by a manufacturing company. They were curious about the possibility of temperature gradients inside of their inert gas ovens. Before approaching GRM, the company was utilizing single point measurement. Although single point measurement provides accurate temperature data for an oven, it does not provide enough data to determine the temperature gradient of the entire oven.

The customer was inquisitive about temperature fluctuations in various locations within the oven, as the entire oven is used in their manufacturing process. Upon GRM’s intervention, a nine-point temperature mapping of the oven was agreed upon. The nine points consisted of one point in each corner of the cube and one in the center, all of which had three temperature set point of 600°F, 800°F, and 1,000°F. This solution was able to provide the manufacturing company with a complete temperature gradient of the oven which was their biggest desire from the beginning. Likewise, it enabled them to use the data provided by the nine-point structure for their quality system.

Although having less experience with temperature than other facets of our business seeing as it in newer to our arsenal of capabilities, Grand Rapids Metrology has performed various adaptations of temperature mapping for several companies and industries. For inquiries regarding temperature mapping or GRM’s other temperature capabilities, please contact our Metrology Manager, Kyle Mack, by email at or by phone at 616.249.1220.



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