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Our values at Grand Rapids Metrology are Exceed, Inspire, Collaborate, Innovate, and Embrace. Exceed expectations every day, Inspire positive attitudes and family values, Collaborate through shared knowledge, Innovate for creative solutions, and Embrace change. We live by these values every day. This week’s employee recognition goes to Chris. Chris is a Service Technician in the Grand Rapids area.



“He is great at communicating with me when a job needs a follow up, a customer needs parts for stock, etc. He truly cares about the customer and about being a good employee. He is very reliable.”



“Chris is one of our most reliable and knowledgeable technicians.  He continues to work for any solutions when faced with adversity in the field.  His customer service skills and communication are top notch.  We always know what we need to do or what the customer needs are when he is onsite. There is no situation that Chris will not perform at his top level.”



“What makes Chris great as his job is the pride he puts into the task at hand. He will do everything in his power to ensure the job is done correctly and the customer is taken care of.”

“We have a customer that requires a technician to be available at all times, whenever needed. Chris volunteered to be that technician. He’s basically on call 24/7. That impressed me.”


Thanks Chris, for all your hard work, and for living out our values each and every day. Here’s to you!



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