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GRM’s New Partnership with Sika USA Inc.

In November of this year, Grand Rapids Metrology added a new metrology supplier to its arsenal; Sika USA Inc. Sika is based in Germany with a regional office in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, just thirty minutes south of Milwaukee. Their company history resembles Grand Rapids Metrology’s long history as Sika was established over 100 years ago, and GRM is quickly approaching our 100-year anniversary. Sika prides themselves in their technical expertise, reliable and precise measurements, and vast scope of knowledge. Sound similar to Grand Rapids Metrology?

Although we feel there are numerous similarities in our businesses, there are certainly aspects of metrology that Sika is capable of that GRM is not, making this a wonderful partnership. With this new supplier relationship, Grand Rapids Metrology will be able to sell and service metrology equipment manufactured by Sika. Their three divisions of expertise are Pressure Measurement and Calibration Instruments, Flow Measuring Instruments, and Electronic Measuring and Calibration Instruments. With these disciplines, especially the addition of Flow Measuring, GRM will be able to offer new products and calibration services to our customers.

Below is the list of Sika equipment GRM will be able to distribute:

Dial Thermometers

Digital Thermometers

Dry-Well Calibrators

Flow Meters/Sensors

Electronic Controllers & Indicators

Handheld Instruments

Industrial Thermometers

Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Pressure Pumps & Reference Gauges

Pressure Sensors


Temperature Calibrators & Sensors

This list is subject to grow as our knowledge and relationship with Sika advances. GRM is sure this partnership will be a beneficial endeavor for all parties involved.

If you have any questions regarding Sika, their products, or our relationship with them, please feel free to contact our Metrology Manager, Kyle Mack, via email at or phone at 616.249.1220, or our Technical Sales Manager, Seth Damoose, via email at or phone at 616.249.1244.



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