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Legal-For-Trade Livestock Scale

Rice Lake’s MAS-LC livestock scale is 48-inches tall with 11-gauge steel kick panels on the side walls and both gates. The MAS-LC combines the accuracy of a fully electronic, load cell based, weighing system with steel I-beam weighbridge designs to result in sturdy construction. It even offers two different flooring options to provide traction for the animals. The X-Plank flooring has less-aggressive, wheel-accessible tread while the X-Lug flooring has deep aggressive tread. Both styles are made from recycled plastic and rubber material that will never rot, harbor bacteria or hold moisture. The MAS-LC has been updated to include: field configurable gates, 8-inch c-channel steel outer frame, load cell cable conduit, and a fiberglass reinforced polyester junction box. The configurable gates on the MAS-LC give operators the choice to open gates from the left or right. This helps ranchers sort animals easier and makes the process safer. The updated 8-inch c-channel steel outer frame is used to eliminate moisture buildup that could occur in tubes. Lastly, using a fiberglass reinforced polyester junction box increases protection for electronic components. The MAS-LC livestock scale provides reliable and accurate weights for ranchers and processors and it is NTEP approved. This scale is Legal-For-Trade certified to allow the selling livestock. Having Legal-For-Trade weighing equipment is essential to protect profits. Grand Rapids Metrology is premier distributor for Rice Lake equipment and now offers the updated MAS-LC livestock scale. Contact us for a quote!


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