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Meet the GRM Staff | Laura Yeomans

Name: Laura Yeomans

Hometown: Comstock Park

Title at GRM: Service Coordinator

Branch: Grand Rapids

Time working at GRM: Almost a year

What is an average day of work like for you? BUSY! Putting fires out, helping customers, scheduling all Grand Rapids and Michiana technicians, fitting in emergency repairs, laughing with Debbie, and drinking lots of coffee.

What originally got you interested in the work that you do? The uniqueness of our industry as well as the chaos that is the service industry.

What is your favorite part of your work? Every day is different and exciting. Talking with customers and being able to help them or make their day easier is a wonderful feeling.

What is your favorite experience you had with a customer or your favorite achievement when servicing a customer? There are so many! I love when I talk with a customer so often that I can now recognize their voice and be able to have a more personal interaction. Joking around with customers and making light of each of our days keep me sane. ?

If you weren’t in the business of metrology, what do you think you’d be doing? If you’re asking what my dream job is – it would be a dancer on Broadway. If you’re asking what I would be doing based on my actual experience and capabilities – it would be a hairstylist as well as being home more with my two boys.

What are some activities you enjoy when you aren’t working? DANCING! I am currently a member of Grand Rapids Dance Ensemble. I also enjoy hanging out with my kids, specifically making crafts.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Being in the Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet and performing at Devos Hall.

What is your favorite food? Dark chocolate.

What are some of your favorite movies? Paper Moon, It’s a Wonderful Life, Funny Girl, and bad horror movies.

What are some of your favorite musicians/bands? Elton John, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Queen, Stubborn Strays are my current top five.

What is your favorite place to travel to or visit? Traverse City, MI

What is something you find unique/interesting about yourself? You’d probably be surprised at my book collection. Also, I have freckles if you hadn’t noticed already.



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