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Metrology in Manufacturing

It is important to note Metrology is the science of measurement. Now, how does this fit into the manufacturing world? The answer is simple, through quality assurance.

Manufacturing revolves around hundreds or thousands of parts being produced each week. These parts must meet precise specifications to ensure quality is met. This is where metrology comes in. Through a series of measurements, the quality control inspector will determine if parts meet the requirements. If most parts are out of spec, then this is where GRM comes in.

A potential reason for poor quality could be due to the machinery. Over time machinery wears down, becomes dull or loses alignment. This causes problems in the quality of production. To avoid recalls, downtime and other production problems, many manufacturers partner up with GRM, an accredited measurement service provider.

Grand Rapids Metrology performs repairs and A2LA ISO 17025 accredited calibration services to adhere to your industries standards and regulations. Be sure to check out our accredited scope of capabilities!




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