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One of the reasons why our customers choose Grand Rapids Metrology to be their measurement provider is due to our expansive list of services we offer. From 24/7/365 Emergency Service to Custom Engineered Solutions, we strive to extend nothing less than the best for your organization and your measurement equipment.

A service that can often be overlooked, but is vital nonetheless, is overhaul. Essentially, GRM Overhaul Service maintains and repairs heavy capacity equipment, specifically truck scales. After our service technicians arrive on-site and perform their tasks for the day, they fill out an Evaluation Sheet regarding the condition of the customer’s equipment.  If any aspect of the equipment appears to be in questionable condition, our Heavy Capacity Project Manager and Project Coordinator will recognize the issue and bring it to the attention of the customer. Our technicians will then go back on-site and perform the necessary repairs and replacements to resolve the issue. In fact, technicians from all of our branches are able to execute these services so help is never far away!

The actual Overhaul Service of heavy capacity equipment stems from GRM’s Preventive Maintenance Agreements. These agreements consist of routine inspections performed by our technicians to ensure that your equipment receives proper care. Any inaccuracies, damages, or issues with the equipment will be discovered during these routine inspections, thus the need for overhaul services can go widely unrecognized if a PMA is not in place. If a PMA is not being utilized by an organization, these issues will continuously go unnoticed which will result in inaccuracies, and eventually the State of Michigan may step in and close down the operation of that piece of equipment.

What many organization that employ truck scales may not realize is that these scales are virtually their “cash registers” because their profits are based on the readings from the scale. Thus the accuracy and upkeep of this equipment is imperative to their operations. There are numerous benefits to GRM overhaul services, for instance using Preventive Maintenance Agreements to spot problems early on will result in less down time for the equipment, a less extensive repair, and overall a lower cost. PMA and overhaul services will reduce the cost to ultimately maintain the equipment and extend its useful life. Heavy capacity measurement equipment, particularly truck scales, are notably expensive investments and in order to avoid unnecessary cost, the care of the equipment should be taken very seriously.

The services we offer are unmatched. We do the worrying for you! Grand Rapids Metrology will monitor your scales and equipment so if any problems are to arise, they will be resolved as quickly as possible. For more information on Preventive Maintenance Agreements and Overhaul Services, contact your Account Manager or our Project Coordinator, Sue Huizenga at sue.huizenga@grmetrology.



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