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[New Products] Partnering with MadgeTech to bring you Data Loggers

As a distributor for over 40 manufacturers, Grand Rapids Metrology has an extensive scope of metrology, heavy capacity, and weighing equipment. However, we never stop seeking out new vendors and high quality products to help better serve our customers.

With that mentality, Grand Rapids Metrology has recently partnered with MadgeTech, a manufacturer of precision data loggers. MadgeTech has been setting the standard for excellence in data logging products and technology for over 20 years. Based in New Hampshire, MadgeTech is an international leader in the industry, selling products in over 100 countries worldwide.

MadgeTech’s data loggers accommodate a wide variety of applications and can measure elements including humidity, temperature, current, pressure, voltage and more. Their wireless data loggers report real-time, continuous data and pair with MadgeTech’s Cloud Service – allowing you to monitor data on a cloud enable device, such as your smartphone.

MadgeTech data loggers are user-friendly, accurate, timely and fit conveniently into work environments. Their products are ideal for many industries including food, pharmaceutical, and energy.

Featured Product: The RFTemp2000A is a wireless data logger featuring a digital LCD display. The device measures ambient temperature, making it ideal for monitoring perishable goods, chemicals and more.

Not only can GRM provide the sale of data loggers, we can also provide calibration and repair services. Grand Rapids Metrology is A2LA/ISO 17025 accredited to calibrate data loggers allowing you to comply with strict industry standards.

Are you in need of a data logger? Quickly and easily request a quote today and our experts will find the perfect solution for you! Have a question or need help with your purchasing decision, contact us or call at (800) 348-5701.



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