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Rental Truck Scale | When Buying Isn’t Right, Rent!

Grand Rapids Metrology is proud to offer you more flexibility and customization when it comes to your measurement needs.

We recognize that buying expensive equipment isn’t always the best option for your company. Sometimes using weighing equipment for a couple of months or short-term projects here and there doesn’t justify the investment of a purchase.

For those and many other circumstances, renting a portable truck scale from Grand Rapids Metrology may be a worthwhile venture.

We’ve added a Rice Lake portable 70 x 11 ft. truck scale to our wide variety of rental equipment. This truck scale is ideal for short-term project or keeping your business in operations while an existing truck scale is being repaired or replaced.



GRM’s portable truck scale is available for rent on a monthly basis with a one month minimum.  The rental includes optional electronics – 720i Programmable Weight Indicator, 218 LED Remote Display, and 295 Ticket Printer. If you have similar electronics at your facility, GRM can integrate your equipment with the rented truck scale.

If you think a rental may be more suitable than a purchase for your business, send us a message! Our Heavy Capacity Team is happy to speak with you about the specifics of the truck scale, the installation procedures, cost, etc.

When buying isn’t right, rent!




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