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We’re heading into peak season for rental scales! With that in mind, be sure to pre-order your scales. So, how do you know if you need to rent or purchase a scale? Below we have determined reasons you would rent.

  • Inventory counts are periodically performed
  • There’s a specialty or one-time weighing requirement
  • The primary scale is currently down
  • There aren’t enough scales to keep up with peak season
  • Weight for ERP items need to be determined

If you plan to use the scale for an on-going basis or again in the foreseeable future, it may be best to purchase the scale. However, rental scales are an inexpensive alternative if you plan to only use the scale a few times a year. You’ll save on maintenance and storage costs.

Grand Rapids Metrology offers an extensive inventory of rental equipment. This includes platform scales, checkweighers, counting scales, crane scales, laboratory balances, and more. We will deliver and setup the calibrated equipment as well as instruct your team on how to adequately operate the scale if needed!




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