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Safety Managers: Prevent Injuries Accessing Truck Scale Decks

We are all concerned with preventing injuries to our employees and customers. We also are cognizant of the costs of being cited for OSHA safety violations. In your transport center, one area of prime concern should be accessing and alighting from your truck scale deck. If you scale is in a pit, the concerns are reduced but, if your scale is above ground, the drop from the top of the deck to the ground can be more than 24 inches. If a driver leaves his cab while his truck is on your scale, he is already dealing with a four foot drop from his seat to the scale deck. If he is not careful or if his truck is not centered on the scale, he could face another unanticipated two to three foot drop. This situation at some point will result in serious injuries and the liability claims that follow.

As a Safety Manager, you know the OSHA requirements for access on and off a raised platform. What we described above does not comply with OSHA standards. Without precaution, you might not only incur a fine from OSHA but also a large liability claim.

At GRAND RAPIDS METROLOGY, we have the answer to this safety concern. We are pleased to introduce the Thurman Scale Safety Stairs. These stairs are adjustable to almost any brand of above ground vehicle scale and are built to OSHA standards. You can easily have them installed at the drivers’ access point from the scale and alleviate the concerns for fines and liability awards.


Call our sales department to get more information. Don’t wait to react to an OSHA infraction! Be proactive today for your peace of mind and the personal safety of everyone at your workplace.



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