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The Importance of Balance Calibration



Before we get into why balance calibration is important, we must first understand what calibration is. Calibration is a process where one aligns the indication of an instrument to agree with the standard value, within a specific range.

Over time, with wear and tear, the accuracy of a balance diminishes. This is especially true in an industrial setting with the mechanical shocks and harsh environmental conditions. Often due to the high probability of something going wrong and high impact, balances in an industrial setting need to be calibrated more frequently compared to others.

When balances are not calibrated, they are not weighing accurately. This is a huge issue if a company wants their products to go out. Inaccurate weighing could result in recalls, audit issues, unscheduled downtime, and profit loss.

So, it is important to have your balances calibrated by an accredited service provider to be compliant, obtain accurate results, and save cost. Between calibrations you can help keep your equipment performing well through routine testing. To do this you will need test weights which you can read more about here.



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