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Withstanding the Shock: Truck Scales & Lightning Strikes

In the Midwest of the United States, June and July are typically known as severe weather season due to the increasingly hot air the region receives during these summer months. From hail and heavy rains to thunderstorms and tornadoes, this time of year can often cause numerous problems for the people who reside in these states. The damage that accompanies severe weather can be extreme, especially when it comes to the use of electricity. “The power is out” is a common phrase during these months, but what may be a short-lived inconvenience for some can also be a huge financial disruption for others, specifically truck scale owners.

Every day, there are approximately 8 million lighting strikes that reach the ground around the world. That is roughly 100 strikes per second and 20 million strikes per year. That’s an outrageous number! Do you know how many lightning strikes it takes to put a truck scale out of commission? One. Meteorically, truck scales in a thunderstorms resemble sitting ducks. These scales are often completely vulnerable to lightning strikes, especially those located at higher elevations. A single strike can cause immense damage to the load cell, scale terminal, junction boxes, and cables which can make the scale inoperative for days, even weeks.

Truck scales are ordinarily a substantial investment for companies, thus proper maintenance and upkeep are essential. A lightning strike can easily disrupt the operation and cause extensive and costly damage.  Here at Grand Rapids Metrology, we are prepared for these times of harsh weather in more ways than one!

GRM is a distributor for Fairbanks and Thurman Scales, both of which offer unique technology used specifically for truck scale protection. It is known as Intalogix Lightning Protection – part of Intalogix Technology. This technology creates a unique defense against threatening lightning strikes and power surges by isolating the load cell from its supporting electronics with a surge-stopping barrier. The Intalogix system provides strong and constant communication that allows for immediate detection of any problems or abnormalities. The goal of this device is to “prevent situations which may threaten the life, accuracy and performance of your scale.”

Aside from the products themselves, Grand Rapids Metrology provides services to combat severe weather and the harm it can do to equipment. We offer 24/7/365 Emergency Service and GPS dispatching where we have a service technician on-call around the clock to ensure that any complications that arise can be dealt with immediately. Our organization was established in 1922 originally selling wagon scales, now in 2016, Grand Rapids Metrology has almost 100 years of experience in the scale industry, an attribute many other companies simply cannot match.  Within the scale industry, GRM also specializes in Heavy Capacity (i.e. truck scales). Not only do we have almost 100 years of experience in the scale industry, we also have almost 100 years of experience dealing with the unpredictable nature of Michigan weather. We understand the damaging effects severe weather can have on outdoor equipment and that’s why we strive to prevent costly expenses.

At Grand Rapids Metrology, we want your scales to stay as accurate and pristine as possible. By uses manufactures like Fairbanks Scales and Thurman Scales, GRM is able to provide protection for your valuable equipment as well as services that will ensure continued success for your organization. For more information on the effects that lightning strikes have on scales or for information about our products and services, contact your account manager or call us at 800.348.5701.



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