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World Metrology Day – May 20th

World Metrology Day is not celebrated like numerous other holidays, for there are no fireworks or parades in honor of what this day represents. However, its importance should not be overlooked..

As you may know, metrology is the study of measurement, which can pertain to anything from measuring the temperature in a room to weighing a semi-truck full of blueberries. It may not always be apparent, but measurement and metrology have been a part of your everyday life since you were born, in fact you were most likely placed on a scale right after birth and your weight was recorded.

Metrology would not be what it is today without May 20th of 1875. On this day each year, we celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in Paris. This convention provided the basis for an understandable measurement system worldwide, for it marked the beginning of formal international collaboration in metrology. One of the most valuable outcomes from the convention was the creation of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM). To this day, this intergovernmental organization sets and maintains universal measurement standards that allows for accurate and comparable measurement results. Since 1875, these standards have created a much more welcoming environment for international trade, at least when it comes to measurement.

The 2016 World Metrology Day theme is Measurements in a Dynamic World. This theme resonates with Grand Rapids Metrology specifically. The metrology realm seems to be continuously expanding and increasing standards in order to keep up with the aptly named, dynamic world around us. GRM has recently expanded our scope, for we are now A2LA accredited for temperature and humidity calibrations and we are working on expanding our accreditation to include electronics, pressure and pH calibration. These additions to our accredited scope of capabilities come in response to our customers’ needs and our mission to be the best measurement company in the state of Michigan.

Measurement of some type is used every day in the most unimaginable ways and affects virtually all of us. So whether metrology is your business, like us, or you just use a scale every now and then, remember that even though there are no fireworks or parades, the importance of this day still shines bright. So this Friday May 20th, have a cupcake or a doughnut or do something special, because hey, it’s World Metrology Day!



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