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4 Ways Inaccurate Measurements Are Costing You $

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Measurement Quality

Why Do Calibrations Matter?

Calibrations ensure consistency as well as accuracy for measurement equipment. Calibrations compare the measurement equipment against a measurement standard, and when required, adjusting the equipment to be within the given accuracies according to that standard. Calibrations provide accuracy, repeatable measurements, reliable benchmarks, and traceable results. Measurement equipment is not an exception when it comes to normal wear and tear on equipment. Over time, your equipment can deteriorate affecting your accuracy and end products. Without regularly scheduled calibrations equipment can fall out of tolerance resulting in inaccurate measurements. Threatening your safety, equipment life, and product quality. The quality of your revenue depends on the quality of your product, which depends on the quality of the calibration.

Wasted Raw Product

Wasting material is never good, especially in large quantities. Imagine if your calibration was off by .2 oz, and that messed up a plastic mixture. That material mixture wasn’t caught until it was melting. All the material that was being melted has to be thrown out and anything that is still in the process of being mixed has to be tossed out. Wasting a large amount of raw material, and money from your pockets.


Uncalibrated or incorrectly calibrated tools can create errors in the production process. Resulting in ineffective material or parts. The cost of having a high reject rate of parts over a year adds up quicker than one might expect, burning holes in your pockets.

See what wasted product could be costing you here with our inaccuracy calculator


Product recalls are something we wish would never happen, but they do, on average 300 times a year. Recalls, big or small are a pain to handle and are never fun to deal with especially when it comes to large scope products, or material being sent out. Make-good requirements might have to be made, or shipments of the new product for a severed price or even for free. Resulting in a large not planned trick or treating event that might damage a company’s reputation. Following a quality standard with regular calibrations and maintenance is a sure way to help prevent recalls. Make sure that you are producing quality items, so your customers aren’t the ones calling you for product issues.


Production downtimes are no joke, downtime is a leading cause of money loss in manufacturing. Having a single line down is costly for business operations and whenever you are not outputting product, you’re losing money. Unplanned downtime is the worst of these, this can happen due to equipment failures and broken equipment. If a machine breaks causing a line to go down; you are paying for things all that time the line is down. Planning a regular repair and calibration schedule can help reduce the risk of downtime and increase your product output rates. 

Audit Findings / Risks

Audit findings can be a quality nightmare if you are not properly abiding by the rules. Although failing an audit may not result in monetary loss, it can end causing up the loss of your accreditation through repeated failures. Losing that accreditation could mean the loss of contracts, supplies, and customers.

Safety Risks can happen when a truck is overloaded due to poor calibrations.  Having a truck that is overweight not only is a potential risk to the driver but can result in potential fines. Not only that but if that truck is in an accident by being overloaded, you could be sued for this. Calibrations may seem like a small tedious task done to get past a quality check; changing the outlook on calibrations as the means to high quality is our goal.


Inaccurate measurements are a killer to businesses. Some businesses have to close after a large production recall and loss of reputation. Avoiding inaccurate measurements is one way to assure that you are producing quality content straying from downtime. Calibrations are the answer to creating quality products that are precise and with unfluctuating quality. Avoiding audit failures and fines is a good motivation, but what if the motivation was to create the highest quality product possible? We want to change the way calibration is looked at and set the bar in quality. We have the experience to know what works and how to promote long-term changes. Want a long-term change in quality, contact us. 


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