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4 Ways Test Stands improve Measurements

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What Is a Test Stand?

Force Test Stands are devices used to control measurement variables in force testing and other measurements. A test stand usually has a force gauge mounted on it or a load cell which is then used to measure multiple force parameters. The stand moves vertically and horizontally, to push against the force gauge or load cell to record measurements. Test Stands increase your efficiency and effectiveness in testing and allow for complete test control. Here are four ways they improve your measurements.

Increased Control

Force Test Stands are designed to allow for tests to be run in the same way every time, which eliminates external variables and bias. Instead of manually applying force, test stands eliminate the possibility of human error when testing product. Did you know the angle at which you press into a load cell can make a difference in your measurement results? Controlling your variables in your measurement process is a sure way to get more accurate results and improve your force measurements. Want more control over your testing? Get a Mark-10 Test stand, click here.

Testing Efficiency

Pressing a button and watching a stand do the work for you sounds like a fairy tale, but a simple configuration automates everything. Test Stands reduce the need for manpower and the need for specially trained operators to run them. Doing measurements by hand and writing them down is time-consuming and old-fashioned. Automatic test stands improve your testing process efficiency by five times. Manually testing product, writing down results, and mentally crunching numbers takes much more time than pushing a button and having a device automatically recording your measurements in a database. Test stands simplify and optimize how you take measurements.

Reliability of Results

Effective tests are based on repeatability, and test stands are the best way to achieve repeatable results. Completing force tests by hand the exact same way is near impossible and isn’t a good practice for quality measurements. Test stands reduce the number of variables in your testing method and allow you to record reliable data. Repeatable, accurate tests ensure your results can be trusted and potential problems are identified. A test stand will eliminate errors and give your team confidence in the results.

Testing Capabilities

If you are testing at a high capacity and don’t have a test stand, you run the high risk of having inaccurate measurements. High-capacity testing should be done by a test stand for safety and measurement quality purposes. On the other side, if you are testing at extremely low capacities, for example, a hypodermic needle, measurements are difficult to replicate by hand. When the force is manually applied, your testing capabilities are limited. A test stand allows for precise results across all applications and provides the accuracy and safety your company, team, and customers need.


Test Stands are one of the most simple and efficient ways to increase your testing accuracy and provide you with valuable data insights. Test Stands help control variables and eliminate errors in the testing process. Switching from a manual force test to an automated process increases control, improves testing efficiency, provides reliable results, and expands your testing capabilities. If you are performing manual force tests and are interested in a test stand demo,

Contact us, we would love to help you find the perfect fit for your application.


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