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6 Reasons the Food & Beverage Industry Should Utilize Digital Data Recording


1.Better Planned Maintenance

Digital data recording quantifies the performance of equipment or the production line by monitoring the amount of energy used in a batch. If energy use increases month to month, there could be a problem with the process. Being able to compare data will allow maintenance personnel to recognize when equipment is failing. This will help with unforeseen downtime and product quality issues


2.Securing Data 

Data should be recorded at the point of measurement in binary check summed files. This type of file format is tamper-resistant and can only be viewed by using a specific software. By recording at the point of measurement, any information that is lost due to problems with communication will automatically be back-filled.


3.Maintain Compliance

It is important to record temperature for perishable goods to adhere to GMP and HACCP guidelines, CFR Part 11 and 113 standards, as well as FDA and USDA standards. The product must remain within its temperature limits throughout manufacturing, processing, and storage.


4.Cost Effective

Paper recorders require more cost and maintenance due to the replacement of pens and charts. If either of those parts run out during a batch, data is lost, and the batch might have to get thrown out – costing the company time and money.


5.Individual Batch Recording

Operators can start and stop recording of batches with the push of a button on the screen. This allows the data to be easily retrieved and analyzed. If any errors occurred, one can investigate the specifics.  Digital signatures can be added to sign off on the batch. Data is easily accessible, saving time and allowing for easy reporting.


6.Simplified Reporting

This brings us to our last point. Reports are needed to prove compliance with standards and guidelines. Pulling data from numerous sources to compile a complete report takes up a lot of time. The simplest way to have a software built in to the digital data recorder for industrial automation applications. This will pull data from common devices and file sources, securely save it, and send it to the appropriate individual.


If you are interested in hearing more about your options or how digital data recorders can help your industry, contact us! We would be happy to help you determine the best option for your needs.







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