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Employee Recognition – Jennifer – Service Manager in Metro Detroit


Our values at Grand Rapids Metrology are Exceed, Inspire, Collaborate, Innovate, and Embrace. Exceed expectations every day, Inspire positive attitudes and family values, Collaborate through shared knowledge, Innovate for creative solutions, and Embrace change. We live by these values every day. This weeks employee recognition goes to Jen.


“Jen is very dedicated to the company and very responsive to issues. I recently went to the metro office and worked with her to close out 3 corrective action reports (CAR). She did all the preparation work I had asked her to do prior to my arrival. This was a 2-week process. She worked with me on each CAR and gave her input. We worked as a team and closed them out together. She has the respect of her staff and she respects them as well.”


“Jennifer is always looking out for what it best for customer. She will do whatever it takes, even if it may be outside of her normal job duties to get the job done for the customer. She is a team player, looking at a satisfied customer as the end result. She, however, won’t put the company or employees in a bad position to accomplish it.”


“She is very detail oriented and takes great care of her customers.  She always thinks of the customer first. She is always pleasant and professional.  She is amazing to work with even when she is under pressure. She is always available. I can’t remember a time I called her when she either didn’t answer her phone or call back as soon as she could, and she responds to emails quickly. She is knowledgeable, but isn’t afraid to ask questions and discuss better ways to do things. I think she is an amazing asset to our company and definitely deserves recognition!”

Thank you Jen, for all of your hard work, and for living out our values each and every day. Here’s to you!



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