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Equipment Needed for the Cannabis Industry

So you’re thinking about opening up a dispensary, becoming a grower or expanding your scope to include testing of cannabis. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to this new opportunity. You’ll want to ensure compliance to legal for trade requirements and do everything you can to guarantee a high quality product. We have listed a few pieces of equipment that you may want to consider investing in.


Bench Scales & Balances:

Scales must be certified by the NTEP and classified as a Class II Balance to be considered legal for trade. Scales need to meet these requirements for you to be able to sell product by weight. You’ll want the scale to weigh in increments of 0.01 grams since the product will often weigh less than one ounce.


Data Loggers:

To optimize growth potential the environment needs to be closely monitored. Data Loggers track temperature, humidity, pH and CO2 levels to prevent mold growth and CO2 toxicity. Analyzing data will allow you to compare previous results and determine what environmental conditions work best for growth.


Inspection Systems:

This includes Checkweighers, Metal Detection Systems and X-Ray Systems. Inspection systems will increase process efficiency and ensure quality is met.


Moisture Analyzers:

These are used to control moisture content and avoid microbial growth. Some states regulate %MC. If moisture content is above a certain percentage, the product fails. Likely, the curing process was done incorrectly. You’ll want to maintain the optimal amount of moisture in the drying, curing and storage areas to keep your product in prime condition.


If you need help determining what equipment would be best for your application, give us a call! You be the expert in your product. We’ll be the expert in your measuring instrumentation.



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