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What Are Dynamometers Used For?

Dynamometers are commonly referred to as a dynameter or dyno. They are used to measure power, output, force, and torque. A force is applied to the flexible metallic ring of the dynamometer, it bends, and the applied force is measured. They are used in a variety of industries from laboratory science to manufacturing. Dynamometers are extensively used in the automotive industry to determine horsepower, max power absorption, and max rotary speed.

Due to wear, temperature changes, or corrosion, sensors tend to drift away from the original calibration. Since dynamometers are often used in the manufacturing and assembly process, drifting away from the original calibration could result in defects and/or recalls resulting in thousands lost. Your dynamometers should be tested and calibrated annually.

To accurately calibrate a dynamometer, be sure to contact a registered calibration company such as GRM.  We will be sure to set all equipment to the correct power line input voltage if needed, and use our precision weights to do the calibration procedure.





Test and Measurement Dynamometer

Mechanical and Digital Dynamometers



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