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In-motion vehicle weighing systems are imperative for the success of a company. Every state has a vehicle maximum weight capacity that depends on the number of axels the truck has. Most states regulate the trucks gross weight to not exceed 80,000 lbs on Interstate highways. To stay compliant with the law and avoid substantial fees, the vehicle must be weighed before proceeding to the destination.

Truck scales are expensive, take up space, and aren’t always feasible for a company to invest in though it’s highly recommended. Fairbanks has created AxleSurance, an economical scale system used for vehicle weighing. As the truck rolls over the weighbridge, individual axels are weighed, and the system sums up the axel weights. Data is displayed as individual and gross weight on the printed ticket.

AxelSurance is not commercially approved, but it is NTEP approved. The scale has been tested and meets all government standards to be certain your truck will not be at risk for highway overload or load imbalance.

For more information on AxelSurance, contact us! We’d be happy to assist you with determining if this option is ideal for you.






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