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[Now Offering] Light Duty Truck Scale Inspections

Grand Rapids Metrology is proud to offer a new value added service for truck scales, Light Duty Truck Scale Inspections! We believe this service will be an essential part of your scale maintenance program and we’re positive you will be more satisfied with the overall performance of your scale system. GRM has 95 years of experience with heavy capacity test equipment, so we understand that your business depends on the accuracy of these scales.

This service can offer the following tangible benefits to your business operations:

  •  LESS DOWNTIME – Issues identified and resolved quickly with frequent inspection will prevent any significant wear-and-tear damage to the scale and result in less downtime due to major, unexpected repairs.
  • PROLONG SCALE LIFE – Regular preventive maintenance has proved to increase the average life of a heavy capacity scale.
  • STAY INFORMED –  GRM will update you on your equipment twice a year which should help you plan for any major repairs.
  • SAVE MONEY – With this new truck scale service and preventive care, your equipment will be well-maintained – saving you money on repairs and technician time.

So, what does this inspection include ? While on-site, our State-Registered technicians will perform the following tasks:

  1. Service remote display – check connections and replace bad boards, as needed
  2. Check structural integrity of weigh bridge
  3. Inspect lever system; including suspension, pivots, and bearings
  4. Inspect wiring
  5. Remove build-up of debris
  6. Service meter – check program, print format, change ink ribbon, and check outputs
  7. Ensure surge protection is correctly applied
  8. Check concrete for structural integrity
  9. Check operational drainage system to ensure no standing water in pit
  10. Adjust or replace bumper bolts
  11. Replace mainboard batteries, as needed
  12. Touch-up grease in mechanical scales

Grand Rapids Metrology not only sells heavy capacity equipment from top truck scale manufacturers, but we also offer calibration and repair, heavy capacity overhaul, seasonal preparation and equipment cleaning, and now, light duty truck scale inspections.

For more information or to implement these truck scale inspections in your business operations, please contact our service manager at the service location nearest you!

Grand Rapids, Benton Harbor, Battle Creek | Luis | | (616) 644-4550

Bay City | Dan | | (989) 239-7017

Metro Detroit | Jennifer | | (734) 637-9709



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