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Meet the GRM Staff | Carrie VanFossen

Name:  Carrie VanFossen

Hometown:  Burton, MI

Title at GRM:  Service Coordinator

Branch:  Bay City

Time working at GRM:  One year at GRM since the Kanawha acquisition, but eight years at KSS

What is an average day of work like for you?  Very busy – the time flies!

What is your favorite part of your work?  Talking with customers and scheduling visits

What is your favorite experience you had with a customer or your favorite achievement when servicing a customer?  My favorite achievement is the relationships that I have built with some of the customers over the years

What are some activities you enjoy when you aren’t working? Going to car cruises and shows, reading books, and relaxing at home

What is your favorite childhood memory?  Riding motorcycles with my Dad

What is your favorite food?  Mexican

What are some of your favorite movies?  The Expendables series, the Taken series, and Homefront

What are some of your favorite musicians/bands?  Ghost, Shinedown, Avatar, and Shaman’s Harvest

What is your favorite place to travel to or visit?  I love to visit Chicago and anywhere that has a beach



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