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A Load Cell & PLC Solution

An agricultural company Grand Rapids Metrology has a long-standing relationship with contacted us with a need for a customized solution. Based near Grand Rapids, MI, they previously had four silos in place that incorporated a fast load out system which was originally crafted by Grand Rapids Metrology. Throughout the years as technology advanced, the system needed updating. The customer trusted Grand Rapids Metrology to continuously work with them and update the fast load out system numerous times.

In recent years, the company invested in eight more silos each with a capacity of roughly 225,000 pounds. GRM partnered with a third-party contractor to install the eight new silos and solely installed four new load cells under each silo with indicators, one dedicated for each group of four silos. The previously updated fast load out system was replicated and implemented twice during this project totaling to three systems with twelve silos. Our extensive relationship and knowledge of this company has allowed us to scale to their growth and continue to implement such projects.

One of the company’s biggest requirements for the new system was the desire for printed tickets to include the product name and product code. GRM has vast experience with Ethernet IP and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) communication as well as incorporating PLC’s and indicators. We were able to create communication between the PLC and the scale indictor utilizing Ethernet IP which allowed the printed weight tickets to include the product code and product name, just as the company had hoped.

A challenge encountered during the process was working to certify the company’s outgoing products on their trucks for Legal for Trade. GRM worked closely with the customer and the State of Michigan to fulfill the requirements of having products Legal for Trade, one of those being an accurate weight measurement. The new communication system and load cells produced extremely accurate results. Our Solutions Team also integrated an auto- adjusting and auto-learning pre-act system that allows the measurements of product to become more and more accurate as time goes on.

The use of load cells has applications in numerous industries as does a communication system similar to the Ethernet IP and PLC one utilized here. For inquiries about our custom engineered solutions, please contact of Director of Operations, Terry Benjamin by email at or by phone at 616.249.1210.



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