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Scale Verification with Test Weights

For most industries, scale accuracy is a critical part of operations and can directly impact the bottom line. Grand Rapids Metrology certifies weighing equipment to the highest standards in the metrology industry. However, there are numerous factors that can affect the accuracy of your scale between GRM planned maintenance visits; such as debris building under platforms, scales being bumped and becoming out of level, tare weights being entered and not cleared, etc.

Quality Auditors are increasingly asking companies how they ensure their scales are operating correctly after scheduled calibration. To solve this problem, GRM recommends that scales are periodically verified using certified test weights that safeguard accuracy and functionality.

Routine tests can be performed at various points of use and for various test weight ranges and intervals. For each test situation, the scale is zeroed then tested with known certified weights. Results can be evaluated graphically or statistically. Grand Rapids Metrology recommends that the scale be tested in the same range in which the scale is used. For example, if a scale is used to weigh 50 lb. boxes, then we recommend using at least (1) 25 lb. and (1) 50 lb. weight and testing your scale at 25 lb., 50 lb. and 75 lb. This will ensure that the scale is not only accurate at the target weight, 50 lb., but also linear through the weighing range.

GRM offers a wide array of certified test weights for purchase. Our primary manufacturers of mass and test weights include Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Sartorius, and Troemner. Please note this verification procedure does not replace the service, calibration, and planned maintenance performed by Grand Rapids Metrology. This process should be used to verify scale accuracy and reinforce quality importance. For more information of the benefits and sale of calibration and test weights, contact a GRM Sales Representative or call us at 800.348.5701!



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