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Protect Your Truck Scale From Winter Weather

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Frozen Truck Scale

Preparing Truck Scales For Winter

Truck Scales are tough and heavy-duty pieces of equipment, but that doesn’t mean they are invincible. Normal debris build-up can become a nightmare in the winter if it freezes, not allowing your scale to function properly. Having a scale down because it’s frozen is never good. It can take time to remove ice, and debris that are frozen not allowing the scale to weigh appropriately. As long as your scale is frozen, so is your money coming in. Here are some things to do to prepare for the winter weather.

Clean Your Scale Thoroughly

Dirt and debris are going to find a way into your scale over a matter of time. Having a regular cleaning routine can eliminate the possibility of a frozen scale, as well as keep your scale in a healthy shape in increase the lifespan of the scale.  


When cleaning your scale in the winter, it’s of vital importance to be careful. If a scale is frozen and needs to have ice chipped away be careful to not chip any cords or load cells, as the range to clear is sometimes limited. If a pressure washer is being used, the pressure washer could easily damage cords and load cells, so make sure you are spraying carefully. 


Do not use salts to melt ice! The chemicals used to melt the ice are corrosive to the scale and can cause rusting and damage your scale. It may be easier in the short-term to use salts for convince, but long-term wear from salts will have an effect on your scale.  

Frozen Truck Scale

Don't Let Your Scale Look Like This, Contact GR Metrology

Invest In A Pump

A pump to get rid of excess moisture and water is a great way to keep your scale and underneath it in the best shape. Removing this access moisture means less chance of rusting and corrosive behavior. Pools of water that freeze and unfreeze are devastating to truck-scale components. A pump can help eliminate the pooling water in the first place.

Ensure Truck Driver Safety

With winter bringing slick conditions for your scale, priority one is making sure its safe to drive onto and if need be get out of the truck and back into it. Meaning the area around the scale should be cleared and if there is a walkway it should be clear of ice and snow. Keeping your scale clean means keeping drivers safe.


GR Metrology is here to provide high-class service and keep your equipment performing at its peak. Want our truck scale experts to come on-site and inspect your scale, call us, or click the button below!


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