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Scale Verification to Ensure Accuracy Long-After Calibrations

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Verifying Scale Accuracy

In most industries scale accuracy is a critical part of operations; in some cases, it can directly affect the customer or production’s bottom line. Keeping your scale accurate after calibrations can be tricky as there are many things that could be affecting the accuracy of your scale. As quality auditors are becoming more frequent and asking, “how are you ensuring scale accuracy after calibrations”. We wanted to give the resources to answer this question so you can pass your audits with ease and make sure your customers are getting quality products all the time. The answer to this is scale verification.

How Scale Verification Works

Scale verification is performed by using certified test weights to make sure your scale is reading accurately. Routine testing is best as the scale can build up debris, be bumped, or be overloaded making it inaccurate.  The testing is best if performed in the scale’s range that it is used for (if you are using it to weigh 50lb boxes then test it to 50lb) and testing it in multiple locations on the scale. To get a linear test of quality, test from smaller weights up to your largest targeted weight, zeroing out the scale each time to make sure that it is not only accurate once, but at each testing point. 


Verifying your scale like this over the course of a year will help determine if you need a shorter calibration interval or a longer one; as you will be able to track your accuracy over a year’s time. You may also find out your scale is being misused, has built debris up fast, or other factors that are affecting your scale’s accuracy that could be preventable. 

Test Weights

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Scale Verification Is Not A Calibration

Scale Verifications are not a substitute for calibrations. Verifying your scale is a safeguard measure to protect the quality of your product as well as from audits that could happen. Verifying your scale is not the same as calibrating as you don’t get a certificate of calibration for verifying your scale among other things. As stated before it is a way to check on your scale’s accuracy between calibrations, reinforcing the importance of constant quality and accuracy. 

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