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Why Temperature Calibrations Matter

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Calibrating Thermometer

Why Temperature Calibrations

Accuracy matters and when it comes to measuring temperature that is no exception. If your heater or air conditioner was +/-5° off from where you set it you would be upset at the fact your equipment was inaccurately reading. The same is true with inaccuracies in any of your measuring equipment. This inaccuracy could be devastating for a patient with a fever, or for trying to cool pharmaceuticals that need to be at specific temperatures. Your solution, temperature calibrations!

What is Temperature Calibration?

As all calibrations are compared to standards, temperature calibrations are no different. Temperature calibration can look like sticking a probe or thermometer in a cup of ice and a little water, and reading out close to 32°F or 0° C since water has a known freezing point of 32°F. Although the cup of ice method is one way to use temperature calibrations, most of the time other standards are used such as a dry bath or other precision temperature controller.   

Get Temperature Calibrations with GR Metrology

Calibrating Could Save Lives

Calibration is done to check the accuracy of your measuring instruments, and for some applications, this is vitally important, for others it might not be critical. For example, if your oven at home is baking your pie at 422.5° instead of 425° your pie will probably come out looking the same. Whereas if you are storing vaccines, they gave strict ranges like 36°-44°F that it must be stored in, and if your reading is +/-2.5° you could be out of the acceptable range and make those vaccines no longer usable according to their standards.


If you are following a standard or tolerance range that involves temperature you should be getting your equipment calibrated. That is the only way to consistently get reliable results and to keep your instruments from inaccuracies. Looking to get temperature calibrations, contact us.


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