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Truck Scale Planning (Checklist)

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Truck Scale Planning

Truck Scale Preparations

Buying a new truck scale is a long-term investment. Getting the best quality of scale to last you decades of service is crucial to getting a good return on investment. Preparing for a new truck scale can be difficult as there could be many places to start. We broke down a few of the essential components we think you should know when planning out your next new truck scale project.

Truck Scale Site Plans

To get the longest lifespan and effectiveness from your truck scale, proper planning for your scale is essential. We can help you select the best site, considering the traffic flow of your operation, the best location for a foundation, electrical and conduit requirements, soil conditions and drainage, ease of maintenance, and accessory locations.


If you want help planning your next truck scale project, contact us. We can get you on the line with our truck scale project specialist.

Truck Scale Planning

Truck Scale Planning Checklist

Here is a small list of components to think about when planning your next truck-scale project.

  • Who will be handling the subcontractors? 
  • Do they want this to be a turn-key project?  
  • Do they need a specific type of truck processing software? 
  • What dimensions of the scale do they need (length & width)?
  • What is the expected timeline for the project?
  • What Type of foundation do you need – above ground or concrete pit?
  • Weighbridge of Scale Deck – Steel or concrete?
  • What load cell capacity do you need – What’s the highest weight you will weigh?
  • Do you need a specific kind of load cell?
  • What capabilities does your indicator need – Do you want basic functionality or a central command center for all your data?
  • Do you have a person manning the scale tickets, or do you need a ticketing kiosk?
  • Does the scale need to be legal-for-trade?
  • Do you need customizations for this project?

If you can’t figure out everything no worries, we are here to help walk you through anything you may have questions on. Give us a call!


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