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Truck Scale Overhauls – When Buying Isn’t Right

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truck scale overhaul

What's An Overhaul

Getting an overhaul done on your truck scale can be a short-term solution for your scale needs. A new truck scale is a long-term investment and we know that sometimes the timing isn’t right when you need a new one. GR Metrology offers truck scale overhauls for a solution. Overhauls are when you replace all the mechanical components of a truck scale to make it “new” in parts, thus overhauling the scale from old to new. An overhaul is usually done on mechanical truck scales and electro-mechanical truck scales; as their parts are the ones that need replacing due to wear. Getting an overhaul can add years to your scale’s lifetime or be a short-term fix for when you can’t buy a scale.

Overhaul Timing

Overhauls are replacing parts on an old scale as mentioned previously, meaning that your scale will eventually need to be replaced just like the parts have been. The timing of that depends on the condition your scale is currently in. If you are not sure what your scale’s future looks like, reach out to us and we will have one of our scale experts out to examine your scale. With supply chains still on drastic delays, our recommendation is to get ahead of the curve. If you are questioning your scales future reach out now.

Truck Scale
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Rental Scale Options

An additional option instead of getting an overhaul if your truck scale is failing would be to get a portable scale or a rental scale. Both options will allow you to continue working and not be set back or on hold due to not being able to weigh materials. If you need truck scale service GR Metrology can help you, we can do mechanical truck scale overhauls contact us today.


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