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How to Clean & Maintain Ring Gages

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Cleaning Ring Gages

Cleaning your gage and keeping it in prime shape will give more accurate readings and give the equipment a longer lifespan. Here are some things to do to when cleaning your gage.

  • Wash your hands before cleaning or touching the gages. The natural acids and oils from our skin can be damaging, causing rust or corrosion to happen.
  • Hold the gages by the outside to minimize skin contact.
  • Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe your gages before and after use. (Do not use a dirty towel. This could be harmful to the gages.)
  • If you stripped the oils away from the gage, re-oil the gage appropriately to increase equipment lifespan.

Maintaining the Gage

Along with proper cleaning comes proper care. Here’s some things to do to make sure your gage is always in top shape.

  • Store them in a cool and dry location. – Humidity can cause corrosive damage due to the access moisture.
  • Don’t let your gages rub against each other. – Gages that rub against others may scratch or worse chip. This could result in bad gages, and possibly unusable gages if the damage is bad.
  • Don’t DROP the gage! – If a gage is dropped check it for chips or any damage before continuing use.
  • Calibrate your gage. – We recommend getting your gages calibrated on a yearly basis at the minimum. If you’re not sure what would be good for your gages, contact us and we can have our team help you get your calibrations on a schedule that works for you.
Get your gages calibrated

Additional Tips

  • Make sure your operators know how to use and handle the gages. – Proper training for handling and care will pay off in the long run.
  • Use the right gage for the job. – Don’t try slamming gages to fit a piece or try manipulating it to fit around something. This will cause more harm to the gage, and could end up ruining your gages.

Clean and well-maintained gages will last decades. Make sure that your gages are being properly handled and cared for. Need to get them calibrated? We calibrate ring gauges, get in touch with us and we can help with any questions you have.


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