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Why You Should Stock Spare Parts

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Why Should I Stock Spare Parts?

If your business relies on scales or equipment daily to make money, then having a time where this process is down is losing you money. Having your process down is what is known as downtime, and there are two types, planned and unplanned. Unplanned downtime is when your equipment goes down unexpectedly causing a lapse in production. Planned is where you shut down the process for some planned maintenance or something predetermined. Planned maintenance is great, unplanned not so much. Unplanned downtime costs businesses thousands of dollars a year, and the way to combat unplanned downtime is through routine maintenance and stocking spare parts. All too often we see customers rushing to get parts for their equipment that is down and their equipment could be down waiting for a part for weeks. A frequent question is why the long wait for the parts?

Global Supply Chain Issues

Global supply chain issues combined with labor shortages have affected the logistics and manufacturing industries heavily. The effects of this have been longer lead times for parts and equipment. Parts that were 1-2 weeks are now two months, or even more. Would shutting your production down for a week be costly… of course, but would shutting down your process for months even be survivable? Keeping critical spare parts stocked is the best way to combat this.

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What Parts to Stock

The parts you should stock depend on your scale, but for a general rule, the critical parts of your scale like load cells and indicators should be on that list. Things like feet and other parts may be critical to your process, if you are unsure about what you may need, give us a call and we can figure out the critical parts for your scale and its process.

Stocking Parts

Stocking spare parts could be the difference between days down and months down in production. When considering to stock spare parts, you may just see the cost of the parts, it is essential to think about the costs of production being down for a day, or much longer. If you cannot afford to be down for months or weeks losing production, stocking spare parts are the solution.  Connect with us to get the parts you need. 


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