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Why you should be calibrating your force testing equipment

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Why Calibrate Force Equipment

If someone came up to you and said to lift a 20lb box you would probably question why lift the box, but nothing more. Now for the purpose of demonstration, we will show you a few reasons to calibrate force equipment.


Same box scenario, now what if they told you just before you pick it up that the “tape has adhesive problems and comes undone, it also has been breaking but not to worry, it isn’t every time”. You’d begin to wonder if your safety isn’t being compromised lifting this box… right? Force tests are usually done for the quality of the end-user and to ensure that all people or a majority can use the product as designed safely.

How is Force Equipment Calibrated

During a force calibration tests the readings are compared to a NIST calibration standard. Tension and compression testing’s accuracy can be traced back to the standard to make sure that your getting accurate calibration results. Your device then is compared to these standards and if the numbers don’t match the device will then be adjusted to be in compliance of the tolerance ranges.

Force Calibration

Force & Everyday Life

Everyday life would be very different if force testing wasn’t done. Cereal bags could be exploding everywhere. Steel sheets would be too thin or thick, paper could be too thin and rip every time you unfold it. Many everyday things are tested with force and if you are doing a process like this and are not getting your equipment calibrated, call us. We want to help you make the best product possible and getting your data on your process and data is the place to start. Contact us by phone, email, or fill out our form to get your equipment calibrated. 


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