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Automated Steel Billet Checkweigher

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Custom Automation

Custom automation, what is that? A custom automation system is exactly what it sounds like – we take your current process and automate it with the goal of improving efficiency and quality and minimizing redundancy and error. Usually, these processes cannot be automated using an “out of the box” solution, which is where our customized approach comes in. What does this look like? If a producer is having an inefficient process that involves manually moving many objects they may get a robotic arm to move them, or they may slide items on conveyors. Additionally, it could be they want to cut down on waste when producing a product. In case you are looking to further optimize your process, we have a full team devoted to developing custom automation systems!

Here is the latest custom system our team did. “The Billet Saw scale was developed in partnership with Mooney Saws to work in conjunction with their Nishijimax Billet Saw. The primary purpose of the system is to cut down on waste generated by out-of-tolerance cut billets, which in turn can also harm the stamping equipment downstream. Our system not only verifies that the cut billets are within the tight tolerances set by the saw but also reports the weights back to the saw so that the cut lengths can be adjusted on the fly to compensate for any abnormalities. Our system briefly stops the billet on the scale in order to capture the most accurate measurement possible, weighing the billets in 2-gram increments, and make the final pass/fail determination. In order to minimize any production throughput impact, the entire weighing cycle time is designed to average around 2 seconds per billet.” 

System In Action (video)


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