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Why CERTLINK Saves Time & Money

In July 2014, Grand Rapids Metrology introduced CERTLINK, a system that assists in providing our customers with the best calibration service in the state. CERTLINK is our online calibration management system that allows our customers to easily access their certifications, calibration due dates, and much more. There are numerous benefits we have found at GRM since implementing CERTLINK, but the two benefits our customers seem to find the valuable are that this system has saved time and money.

This system is much more convenient than our previous system of delivering calibration certificates, for CERTLINK can be accessed any time of any day. With our 24/7/365 connection, you don’t have to wait for our office operation hours of Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to request a calibration certificate or list of measurement equipment. Speaking of requesting a calibration, CERTLINK will send calibration reminders via email one month prior to equipment’s calibration due date. Likewise, if the calibration is overdue, you will be reminded of that as well. This saves you the time and headache it would cost to have to attempt to remember when each piece of equipment is due for calibration or where to search for that information. CERTLINK is also user-friendly, with clearly presented information like a search engine and calibration schedules, you will never have to waste time scanning the screen for data. All the calibration material you will ever need can be found on GRM’s CERTLINK, this will save you the time of searching multiple platforms for information on calibrations.

Not only does this system allow you focus your time and energy elsewhere, it also allows you to use your resources for you core business. This state-of-the-art system is completely free to our customers! More than that, CERTLINK has broadened our scope of capabilities which makes us a better choice as your single source vendor. Using multiple measurement and calibration vendors will without a doubt increase your expenses, that is why GRM strives to service you in as many ways as possible. In a similar sense, CERTLINK is one of the most contemporary options when it comes to calibration management, thus you do not need to spend money trying to acquire a better system because with GRM you will already have one of the best. Another money-saving attribute is not only economically good sense but is also environmentally practical, for CERTLINK eliminates a need for paper because everything can be done electronically. Although you can print any certifications from CERTLINK at any time, if you are looking to reduce office supply cost, this system will certainly help get you there.

They say that time is money, so whether you’re looking to save time or money, or let’s be honest, most likely both, CERTLINK is a win-win for you. Grand Rapids Metrology has had great success with this program as have our customers. For a CERTLINK demo, you may contact your account manager or visit our Asset Management page.



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